We have learned that the deposed Queen may not have died all those years ago. Princess Hyemyung has been aware of this and the jade ring she has been fighting to hold onto for so long is all she has left of her. Gyeon Woo finds himself stuck in the middle between men who want to get rid of the princess and a princess desperate to see her mother. Quick thinking on his part saves her from another trap but now has landed our wayward girl a room in his house. Everyone is now learning our “Crazy Stalker Woman” is actually the princess and all hell is about to break loose. Join DeShonda and me, Wendilynn as we chat about these new developments in My Sassy Girl.

DeShonda: Well we now know why our Princess was sneaking out of the Palace. It looks like she is in search of her mother. I completely forgot that in the first episode she was separated from her mother. The man she was meeting wasn’t her ex-boyfriend, instead, he had information about her mother. And we discovered why the Jade Ring is precious to the Princess.

MSGe5   the ring.jpg

Wendilynn: I knew she was desperate to see her mother again, but I didn’t know that’s what had been prompting her excursions. I just thought she was being self-destructive because she missed her mom. This makes so much more sense now. And the bad guys trying to lure her with her need to see Min Yoo Hwan, I think, has allowed their hand to be shown. I know Minister Jung thinks he’s the real power and has full control, but I really believe the King is aware of him and the new Queen. It seemed to me that as he took steps to protect the princess there was more going on. Especially once we learned that the King didn’t fall for the rumors and still trusted Officer Kang. I know that Officer Kang won’t get the girl, but when I watch him sword fighting, my heart is melting. Lee Jung Shin is showing all sorts of new sides of himself in this role.


DeShonda: I agree that the King is very suspicious of Minister Jung.I was relieved that the King trusted Office Kang. I absolutely love him as well. Watching the fight scene had me on the edge of my seat and I was upset that he got hurt. You are right, he probably won’t get the girl, but I think he has some feelings for her. Speaking of the Princess, what do you think about the new living arrangements between her and Gyeon Woo? I think it’s so cute how Gyeon Woo is protective of her. But that scene was funny when he was trying to hide her under the blanket. Nice try Gyeon Woo, but he needs to find a better hiding place for the Princess.

Wendilynn: I was laughing at that scene. They didn’t hide the shoes and then she couldn’t keep freaking still. How hard is it to not move when you are hiding in a man’s bed? I mean seriously. Lol, How mom and daughter thought she was some poor girl was funny. Even going so far as to try and buy her off. Then they learned she was the princess and I think mom might have had an aneurysm at that point. Lol, The only part that bugs me when they show all the gossiping girls and mothers is all the freaking gossip. Seriously, they are such magpies. And now they all know the princess is the “crazy stalker woman”. That will not help things, either.

MSGe6  who is it.jpg

DeShonda: I was wondering how Gyeon Woo’s mother and sister would react when they found out the identity of the Princess. I was cracking up when they were trying to buy her off too. And I was waiting to see how Da Yeon would react when she found out who the Princess really was. I didn’t think she would believe Gyeon Woo’s sister when she told her. You are right about the gossiping between the women and girls. It does bring a modern touch to the drama though. Just like the librarian. Did you notice the books he had?  Boys Over Flowers and Descendants of the Sun . I was laughing at that scene. I had no idea those books existed in the Joseon era LOL.

Wendilynn: lol, I love the library. I did know he had those books because they talked about them when in his first scene. He was asking girls if they wanted to read “ My love from another star” or ‘ moonlight drawn by clouds”. And did you catch his new one? ‘Fifty Shades of Grey”? Lol, I busted up laughing. I really like the character actor they have playing the librarian. He is so much fun in any role they get him in. I also found it funny when the moms were all comparing how new their purses were. Apparently, the Joneses lived in the Joseon period too. Lol

MSGe6  books and purses.jpg

DeShonda: LOL I forgot the librarian had 50 Shades of Grey! I could not help but laugh when I noticed he had that one. Oh, when the mothers were comparing their handbags that was funny. I must say I really enjoy the bit of modern things thrown in this series and the writers make these scenes funny which give this drama some charm.

Wendilynn: Once we got past hot mess princess I think this show has turned on all sorts of charm. I’m enjoying watching Gyeon Woo become twitterpated with the princess. He’s starting to understand her more and clearly, he has a crush on her. And she is also starting to be moved. When he saved her in the rain, I admit, my heart pounded quite a bit.

MSGe6 flushed.jpg

DeShonda: I was hoping that the Princess would come around and start to have some feelings for Gyeon Woo. They are so very cute and I like the way they interact with each other. I thought that was so romantic when Gyeon Woo saved her. And I thought the Princess was extra cute when she wanted to thank Gyeon Woo, but she could not say the words. She just ran back to her room and she was blushing. It was at that scene that I knew for real that she had some feelings for him. I am glad that we are starting to see the Princess in the different light, but I know she has not lost her fighting spirit, not at all.

Wendilynn: She’s a fighter and that’s something I like about her. She’s not stupid though. She knows when she should behave. But, as Minister Jung stated, a desperate heart can be manipulated and it makes her vulnerable.  

We want to offer our condolences to the family of Yoon So Jung. She gave us many amazing characters.  We are enjoying her character, the Queen Dowager, and we offer our thoughts and prayers to her family during this difficult time. 

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