Gyun Woo is the newest hot eligible bachelor straight off the boat from his oversea studies in Qing. He is favored by the King and everyone loves him. His only mistake? Being a gentleman. As they say, no good deed goes unpunished and his unfortunate run in with a hot mess of a princess could cost him everything he’s ever wanted. Join Deshonda and me, Wendilynn as we discuss this hot mess of a princess and all the trouble Gyun Woo finds himself in in My Sassy Girl.

Wendilynn: I have to say that I was laughing my butt off through most of this. Oh Yeon Seo is cracking me up as this self-destructive wild princess. Most sageuks are all serious and heavily political and while this has those elements, I’m thoroughly enjoying a slapstick comedy sageuk. We don’t get these often. 

DeShonda: I am enjoying this a lot more than I should! I could not help but laugh while watching these first episodes. I watched the original movie and a few of the remakes and I was wondering how this Korean remake would be now that the setting is in the Joseon era. I must say that I really like this adaptation so far. Oh Yeon Seo is amazing and very funny. She was just as funny in this drama as she was in  Please Come Back Mister . I really like her character as Princess Hye Myeong, but our Princess is a hot mess. Princesses are supposed to be ladylike, and dainty. She is the exact opposite of that, and I like it. The Princess is going to keep Gyun Woo on his toes that’s for sure.

Wendilynn: That’s for sure. I’m sad that this is  Joo Won’s last drama before military service, but I’m glad he’s going to leave us laughing. I was cracking up at the palace rumors. The debauchery scene was totally unexpected. I don’t think any sageuk has been that brazen. Lol Chocolate abs for the win. Hot damn. Lol


DeShonda: I just realized that this will be his Joo Won’s last drama before he goes away, but yes I am so glad he is leaving us with a very funny drama. And OMG those abs! The man has a very nice body and I could stare at his abs forever! I really loved the palace rumors as well. That was very funny. I was not expecting that at all. I have a feeling that this series is going to be full of surprises. But I want to talk about our Princess because something concerns me. She is sneaking out of the palace every night by herself and goes drinking. She gets blacked out drunk and doesn't remember anything which is dangerous for a lady of royalty such as herself. I want to know more of her backstory. There has to be a reason why she is acting out in such a way. It’s almost like a cry for help. I do have a theory, however. I think that her little brother is getting all of the shine because he is the Crown Prince after all. But our Princess is being shoved in the background. Therefore, she is being ignored and is craving attention. Plus it seems like she has had her heart broken by someone due to the fact that she is obsessed with this Jade ring that has gone missing. I kind of feel sorry for her, but I admire her strong will and the fact that she has confidence. She is one tough cookie that’s for sure.

MSGe2 longing.jpg

Wendilynn: Her story is certainly a sad one. She saw her mother dragged off and die, we have this mystery behind the ring. And it seems the only one who cares is our poor captain of the guard. I do have to wonder how this girl hasn’t ended up raped or something by her behavior. Drinking till you’re blacked out in the 1500’s is not exactly safe behavior. As the innkeeper clearly pointed out. I guess it helps to have your own bodyguard. She is feisty though, gotta give her that. I think it's funny to watch her and Gyun Woo match wits. Even though he’s out-statused, he’s just as quick a wit as she is. When he threatened to tell her father what she was up to, I was like, “touché” lol

MSGe2  does the king know.jpg

DeShonda: Ah yes, you are correct. The captain of the guard is the only one who really cares. It looks like he definitely has some feelings for the Princess. That was one of my favorite scenes when Gyun Woo was threatening to rat her out. She did end up getting caught by her father as she jumped over the fence. The look on her face when she saw him was priceless. I really am enjoying the chemistry between our Princess and Gyun Woo. It’s so much fun to watch them interact with each other. And it’s obvious that Gyun Woo likes her. But things could get complicated with the other girl who likes him as well.

Wendilynn: Yeah, we have our standard second female lead and our second male lead will clearly be left wanting. Those tropes are fully in place, but I think I’m more intrigued by Jung Ki Joon’s attempts to take over the government while fighting a sassy princess who won’t be able to sit down and just take it. And then you have Gyun Woo who has to try and make a career for himself without getting labeled a pervert. Good luck with that, boyo. Lol


DeShonda: You are so very right about that Wendilynn. Our poor Gyun Woo is labeled a pervert. When it was revealed that he will be teaching Princess Hye Myeong’s little brother I thought to myself this is going to be interesting. The Princess and Gyun Woo are already on a rocky start, but now he is going to be around her a lot more in the palace. The interactions between them are going to be hilarious and I must say I am looking forward to watching it.

Wendilynn: Now, if they can just survive taking on gangsters. Lol

Gyun Woo has his hands full with a stubborn princess convinced he's a thieving pervert.  Can his day get any worse?  Tell us what you think of these first two episodes in the comments below. 

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