Welcome Back to the My Sassy Girl Drama Club! In these episodes, our princess continues her search for her jade ring but ends up in some trouble and Gyun Woo comes to her rescue, we discover that Da Yeon is not as nice as she seems, and chicken feet and soju existed in the Joseon era! Join Wendilynn and I as we discuss this and other topics in My Sassy Girl!


My Sassy Girl (2017)

Starring Joo Won and Oh Yeon Seo

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Wendilynn: This show keeps me laughing. Our hot mess princess is so much fun. You can never tell what she is going to do. And I like the modern little touches she gives us. Between the Chicken feet and taking on the other girls who were “trying to teach her a lesson”, I was rolling. And then there was the King game… oh my gosh.. Lol

DeShonda: I love our Princess as well. She is really giving me the comic relief that is needed. Some of my favorite scenes this week were the Chicken Feet And Soju scene, and when she was about to take on the group of girls. In the Chicken Feet scene I was laughing so hard at the Princess and her table manners.

Wendilynn: I don’t know who was funnier in the chicken feet and soju scene. She was funny, but then he gets drunk and it’s her turn to be disgusted. A drunk Gyun Woo is really too funny. At least he didn’t throw up on her. Lol

DeShonda: Yes when the tables were turned Gyun Woo was very funny in that scene. Our Princess was shocked at his behavior. I agree, there was no vomiting at the table, but I would have cracked up if Gyun Woo did on her. At the beginning of Ep 3 when the Princess and Gyun Woo were running from the pawn shop owner, I was wondering what the Princess saw in that ledger to make her tear the pages out and then burn the entire thing. Think it has something to do with the Jade Ring or her former lover?

Wendilynn: I really wished we could have had that part translated for us so we’d have known what the issue was. That’s the only downside to subs, we rarely get those types of translations so we know what the story is saying. I”m with you that whoever it was, was someone she knows.

DeShonda: Yes it’s definitely someone she knows and whatever it was, it’s not good. I wish there was a copy of the ledger, but the truth will come out eventually. Speaking of Jade Rings, I was glad that the ring was returned to Gyun Woo. I was nervous that Da Yeon was not going to give it back to him. And that Da Yeon is a little firecracker. We are seeing her true colors. Did you see how she slapped the shit out of that manicurist? Not expecting that at all.

Wendilynn: Not surprised though. She thinks very highly of herself and when you have all the eligible bachelors giving you gifts, its easy to get a fat head. I’m not sure whether to be amused that Mr Nepotism is also courting her. I would love to see her get abandoned by everyone after that slap. I wonder how shocked she’ll be when she realizes the “crazy stalker” is the princess?

DeShonda: Oh yes, I almost forgot about that scene when she turned down one of the bachelors. Poor guy, his feelings were hurt and I don’t blame him. Da Yeon needs to be careful or else she will be abandoned. She is such a mean girl! I believe she is going to completely flip out when she realizes the real identity of the Princess.

Wendilynn: I wonder how our erotic author boys will react once they learn who the woman who was willing to play King with them was? However, she’s going to have to clean up her act soon because its being used against her now. Is anyone else upset that the King seems to be so weak to gossip? I get he just had a scare about his kids being kidnapped, but dude.. A rumor involving your favorite personal guard and you’re going to believe it first? I was sort of irritated by that.

DeShonda: I noticed that about the King as well. And I was thinking, as you mentioned, he is just afraid of losing his children. I would not have believed the rumor personally, so I can totally understand your frustration about that.

Wendilynn: Its clear that the corrupt ministers want the princess out of the palace. I liked that Gyun Woo got the chance to be the hero and rescue her. He has come off as a bit of a dandy up to now and yet, we got to see him kick but. I liked that. And she was clearly impressed, even if doesn’t really want to admit it.

DeShonda: I absolutely love that Gyun Woo is coming to the Princess’s rescue. I liked seeing him in that fighting scene and was very impressed at how he handled himself. I agree that the Princess was very impressed as well. She had no idea that Gyun Woo was a fighter just like she is. Now that she realizes that they have that in common, maybe she will come around and be a bit nicer to him….just maybe.

Wendilynn: She did seem like she was thinking better of him just a little bit. She has clearly become the voice in Gyun Woo’s head. His imaginings on what she’d say about his marriage meetings were hilarious. At first I thought she was really there. I couldn’t quite understand why she’d be wrecking havoc or matchmaking. But once I realized she was in his imagination, I was laughing. There are a couple of familiar character actresses in that gaggle of prospects who are always picked to be the “ugly girl” in all the dramas their in. That can’t be easy on one’s ego, but it has provided them with consistent work.

DeShonda: I thought the Princess was really there too. I thought that entire scene was hilarious. It’s obvious to me that they are on each others minds. Which is why I totally ship the Princess and Gyun Woo. I felt bad for the “ugly girls” in that scene. Although it was funny, you make a good point that it does get them work. We did get a glimpse of the Princess’s ex boyfriend. I am wondering what his backstory is and what is significant about the ring. Was it in engagement ring? Is the ex boyfriend still alive? Why did they break up? I have more questions than answers.

Wendilynn: Whatever it is, its clear that its precious and that Capt Kang knows the story.

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