What sets apart Jung Da Bin from other rising teen stars is that this My Sassy Girl actress is lucky to call Joo Won her oppa (older brother) on and off the screen. In an interview with My Daily, Jung shared invaluable advice she received from Joo Won about going to college and more.

“Oppa said I’d learn in school what I’d already learned on set, so it could be time better spent to build the right mindset,” Jung Da Bin said. “He said things could feel empty or void as I age and continue to film. He wishes I’d have my own way of dealing with hardships.”

Though Jung Da Bin still feels undecided about college, she will always hold school days dear to her heart. On talking about the happiest moment of 2017, Jung mentioned traveling with school friends. “It was my last school trip,” Jung explained. “I can’t take that time back. At night, I fell asleep exhausted, but I was the happiest. Not because I did something, but because that time had been given to me.”

This 17-year-old actress has been filming for 14 years of her life. We’ve seen Jung Da Bin in The Flower in Prison, Rebel: Thief of the People, and most recently in My Sassy Girl.

Though other teen stars may seem to have advanced further in their career than she, Jung doesn’t feel pressured to move faster. “I try not to rush,” the actress says. “I hope to do my best in the long run by slowly doing what I can now and building a portfolio.”

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