On Thursday, July 27, Oh Yeon Seo of My Sassy Girl spilled the beans on her first kiss with Joo Won, which lasted much longer than she thought, his on and off-screen personalities, her plans to visit him in the army base, and more!

On Friendship:

“Both Joo Won and I graduated from an arts high school and majored in theater and film, so we had a lot of mutual friends. From an early age, we had heard much about each other. It was so nice that we were the same age. We got close immediately … We relied on each other. We talked a lot about acting. He told me he had picked me as the most chill actress in an interview. I wondered if I should’ve been less chill.

“Joo Won has a lot of aegyo. We’ve talked about meeting again in a modern drama. I hope to film with him when he returns from the military. I had fun memories on set. I’m also thinking about visiting his army base [with staff members].”

On Chemistry:

“Joo Won’s character is lower class than mine. Lines like ‘I can’t translate that’ were hot. Off-screen Joo Won is childlike with a lot of aegyo. On-screen, he changes completely, which makes my heart sink. It’s cool that he turns serious when he films. He’s good at acting. He’s good with action scenes as well. I think men are sexy when they move their body.”

On First Kiss:

“In the beginning, I had so much fun filming. Then it got harder when we had to fall in love after having become close friends. First kiss was one of the difficult scenes. We had been bickering like friends, and then we had to play lovers. I didn’t know how much [romantic] emotions to build up. I thought (the kiss) would end quickly, but we filmed it for a long time. The emotional scenes leading up to the kiss were a bit challenging.”

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My Sassy Girl (2017)

Starring Joo Won and Oh Yeon Seo

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