Jin Wook and Yoo Mi have finally met face to face and the sparks are still flying. Neither can forget that night and each has mementos to remind them. Pride will not let either admit that they just might still care for each other and that maybe something more happened that night. Join Firnlambe, Cici and me, Wendilynn as we dissect who wants who in these episodes of My Secret Romance.

Firnlambe: Before we start talking couples…..can I punch mom in the face? Pleeeeeeeaase?

Cici: I admit she’s one annoying character, but what did she do this time to arouse your ire?

Wendilynn: You know Mom bringing baby brother into the mix will lead to a whole new monster of a misunderstanding. I can just see someone thinking that little 3yr old is maybe his son.

MSRe3  little brother.jpg

Firnlambe: To answer Cici’s question; nothing in particular….her face just causes a searing need to punch my computer screen. She has this smarmy vibe to her that irks me. And to follow up on Wendilynn’s thought; It doesn’t help that her brother addresses Yoo Mi as “mom”. I’m sure that will also add onto the misunderstanding train.

Cici: Okay, consider her punched. As long as she doesn’t abandon him to Yoo Mi’s care on a permanent basis, I guess it can be resolved fairly quickly.

Wendilynn: That’s very possible. Mom will ditch little brother with big sister and the cute cafe owner without a thought, I think. And speaking of the cafe owner. How long do you think he’s had that crush on Yoo Mi?


Cici: It seems like they have been friends for quite a while, and he’s just recently realized that his feelings have grown deeper. He does make a pretty cute second lead, but alas, the writing on the wall is all too clear. He’s forever in The Friend Zone.

Firnlambe: Really? I got the vibe that he’s like her for a while now, but has only just recently gotten enough courage to make any moves. Next week is going to be a treat to see how Jin Wook reacts to our SLS’ protective stance. I’m just sad we have to wait before witnessing it. I hope that once he realizes he has no chance that he lets her go without a fuss. I didn’t sign up for melodrama lol

Wendilynn: Well, he’s going to protect her like a friend should, so I’m okay with that. Especially with Jin Wook not being upfront with the fact that he's never forgotten her and finally has her back ...well, not under him, but you get the idea. Lol


Cici: Wendilynn, you are bad. Or is it just my mind? Anyway, I had to laugh when it turned out that the prized memento he had been saving for over three years was, in fact, her bra insert. Did the writers read our last post?? But seriously, I do have a question about that. If she had made such an impact on him after just one night, why didn’t he try to find her?

Firnlambe: Well I don’t think they even knew each other’s names….it was a ONS in every sense of the words. It’s kinda hard to find someone when you only have a bra insert as your Cinderella Slipper.


Wendilynn: Bra inserts aren’t exactly a specialty made item, even if these had initials embroidered on them, they are her mom’s anyway, aren’t they? So if he looked up people in the hotel, he would have never found her real name anyway. Everything was in her mom’s name. I don’t really remember them exchanging names too much. The Korean habit of referring to people by something other than their names makes hiding your name rather easy.

Cici: I suppose so. But with his wealth and seeming curiosity, you would think he could have somehow found her. Especially if he had put Secretary Jang on the case. Anyway, he’s got her now, so when are they both going to quit with the “It was only a one-night stand” line and admit that they both felt something a lot ...deeper?

MSRe3  not a ONS.jpg

Firnlambe: //groans at the purposefully placed innuendos// You two are horrible. It’s gonna be a rocky road though for our OTP. Not only are they not communicating properly (which would always clear up misunderstandings) they have a nosy femme fatale who is insistent on causing Jin Wook much more trouble than she’s worth.

Wendilynn: Oh my gosh, the second lead female is another person who needs a good punch. Now that she sees Yoo Mi as a rival, I can see her making her working life hell. Seriously, why do our male leads never understand that pulling those stunts and declarations make things worse? Of course, when she was simpering in the kitchen over being the future wife, I don’t blame him wanting to put her in her place. Only, he never really does and he doesn’t stand up to her when he should.

MSRe4 my man.jpg

Cici: Part of that may be because he knows that his father considers Miss Prissy Pants perfect daughter-in-law material. Though the way he always stands up to Dad, that doesn’t make sense either. I really don’t understand his attitude towards marriage and long-term relationships. Either you’re interested and willing to pursue it gung-ho, or you’re not. It’s not fair to be less than forthright about it.

Firnlambe: I burst into laughter though when Dad had to eat her pretty looking Lunch Box o’ DOOM. When the music shifts that dramatically you know it’s super bad. OMG it must make Yoo Mi’s cooking taste almost heavenly.


Wendilynn: I guess we had to have one way Yoo Mi was better than announcer chick. I was glad to see that she could make something that tasted good because it would have made no sense for her to be a graduate of nutrition school otherwise. I had to laugh when we got the epilogue of how Jin Wook really liked her super cute lunch. Oh my gosh, that was so adorable.

MSRe4  cute lunch.jpg

Cici: Yes it was. Did you notice the new trope that’s replacing the wrist grab? That moment when he grabs her by the waist and pulls her into his puffed out chest was both funny and kind of...sexy.

Firnlambe: I did notice that seems to be a growing trend with writers these days. I’m ok with it. It brings a lot more emotion into the scene than what a regular wrist grab does.


Wendilynn: Grabbing the elbow/arm is also less dangerous than grabbing the wrist. I think I’m going to enjoy Sung Hoon playing Jin Wook. He’s clearly going to pursue Yoo Mi and he’s clearly insulted that she dared to call it a one night stand. I get the feeling he’s going to want to make her admit that it was something more. And we know it was something more for her. But as he is a Chaebol, Yoo Mi probably doesn’t see herself in the same status as he is and therefore not someone she should pursue.

Cici: I do wonder when she’s going to have the chance to meet his parents. That’s always awkward, especially when Dad clearly has someone else in mind for his precious son. Maybe she’ll get to meet his mom first, and that will pave the way more smoothly. Anyone else have any predictions about how she will overcome this all-too-predictable hurdle?

Firnlambe: My vote is on her meeting mom. Mom will love her right away but will caution her against the rest of the family since she’s been there and clearly was either kicked out or she left on her own. Anyways, I digress, I still think since Mom will take a liking to her it will cause Dad to maybe look at Yoo Mi in a different light.

Wendilynn: I think the most immediate concern is how certain people are after getting rid of the cooking staff. Did anyone figure out why they wanted to do that? I get the idea that this didn’t have anything to do with Yoo Mi, but a control issue with management.

MSRe4   bad cooking.jpg

Cici: Who is that manager that is always trying to undermine Jin Wook? It seems like he is gunning for something a lot more than just getting rid of the cooking staff--like maybe trying to take over control of the entire company. I find him extremely annoying, so I tend to block out every scene he’s in. If I have to pay attention to something other than Jin Wook and Yoo Mi, I’d much rather focus on Secretary Jang and his amazing fashion sense. I have never even imagined a suit quite like his polka dot surprise.

Firnlambe: His suits really do have a mind of their own sometimes. Secretary Matchy-Match and his unexpected romance amuses me greatly.….but then I’ve always like how his character is able to express so many emotions. He can go from an emotionless robot to an ecstatic school boy, to expressing a creepy stalker look effortlessly. Honestly, I’m looking forward to when he figures out they had a ONS. Because you KNOW he won't let Jin Wook hear the end of it. Plus I see him as sort of a time manager matchmaker for our OTP.

MSRe4  I wanna see it.jpg

Wendilynn: I’m enjoying Secretary Jang. He really is the best character in the whole show. He totally steals every scene he’s in. And he and the sexy cook are hilarious together. That phone number drop scene was awesome. And you are right, once he finds out about the ONS, he will tease Jin Wook….after he picks up his jaw off the floor. I get the impression Jin Wook has been a stick in the mud since Yoo Mi stole his heart 3 years ago. And I’m still laughing over their misunderstanding about the jewelry box. That’s a really nice box to put a fake boob in. lol that Yoo Mi thought it was for a necklace just makes the whole thing funnier.

Cici: Maybe once she finds out what is really in that box, she’ll realize that for him it was more that a one-night stand. Open. The. Box.


Firnlambe: Knowing her though? I doubt it. I foresee epic embarrassment on her horizons. Good grief I’m gonna have such a hardcore case of 2HE next week once that bit of information become public. I just hope they move the conversation off the streets. Oh noooooo, what if Mom comes home just as all of this goes down?! GAH! The misunderstandings will never stop!!

Wendilynn: I think she’ll be properly weirded out by finding out what’s in the box. I Know I would be. However, I doubt she’ll find out next week. And Jin Wook, babe, if she knew what was in that box, you can bet she would have been chewing you out, not making you a cute apology lunch. 

Jin Wook has competition for Yoo Mi's affections whether he likes it or not.  Will he be able to fend off both the cafe owner, Hyun Tae,  and Joo Hye Ri's machinations?

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