Even though we only get one episode this week, just think of it as an appetizer before the feast. Join Wendilynn, Firnlambe, and me, Cici, as we discuss all the deliciousness that one episode of My Secret Romance can hold!

Wendilynn: And boy were our appetites whetted this week. I’m all for Jin Wook’s idea of appetizers.


Firnlambe: I agree completely, and then his actions afterwards (aka his shy nervous looks) were just adorable. I wish he would act like that more….you know….instead of being the stereotypical “I’m a rich spoiled brat who does what he wants” male lead.

Cici: I personally love his mastery of the shy side-eyes. He’s always checking up on Yoo Mi when she’s not looking. But I’ve got to say, that helping of “appetizers” was anything but shy. Whew! And it was awesome how he let her know that, despite his obvious skills in the kitchen, she was the first woman he’d ever invited to his house.


Wendilynn: I’ve come to the conclusion that we get the stiff upper lip when he’s in a situation he doesn’t understand. He’s not really being a spoiled rich brat, he literally doesn’t know better. Because as soon as she calls him on it, he changes. I like that he’s not being shy about his feeling for her, despite all the stolen glances. When the moment comes, he takes it, unlike our author who hesitates.

Firnlambe: Ok so he may not adhere to the stereotype, but he certainly ACTS like it. Which I dislike. I’m glad he’s taking down his walls around Yoo Mi though. Admitting he’s had insomnia for as long as he can remember, talking about how he doesn’t want to eat alone from last week….the man really does trust her. It’s going to be a riot seeing him try to keep everything together when the misunderstanding about Yoo Mi’s brother is brought to light by Miss Nosey. I’m sure she’s going to try and push that point hard.

Cici: I’m not too worried about her since he made it pretty clear to Dad that he’s not interested in her, and he wants him to butt out of his love life.


Cici: But I can see a problem with him wondering why Yoo Mi has lied about her little brother all this time. And frankly, I’m with him. WAE???

Wendilynn: Yes, Miss Nosey is going to try and make that a problem. And I’m also with Jin Wook on this one, why bother lying about her brother? That really makes no sense. This whole problem could have been headed off at the pass and yet, we’re going to have this cliche story issue that shouldn’t be there.

Firnlambe: And then to top it all off Mom isn’t going to make things any easier on her when it comes to Miss Nosey. The fact that they’ve butted heads now on multiple occasions is going to be a big annoyance. I just wish she’d find some other geezer to mooch off of and leave us forever…..is that too much to ask for? //sigh// probably….it's just as far fetched as wishing our SLS would man up and admit his feelings directly. I’m clearly not in his camp, but I want the poor boy to get some closure.

Cici: It just occurred to me that Mom may be afforded a little redemption arc thanks to her disdain for Miss Nosey. Maybe that will motivate her to smooth over the inevitable misunderstanding with Jin Wook so Yoo Mi can have him. Too far of a stretch? But someone had better tell Hyun Tae to quit even pretending that he’s that kid’s dad! Unless he's developed a thing for Yoo Mi's mom. Ewww.

Firnlambe: Honestly I’ll latch on to anything to help save the mom storyline at this point.

Wendilynn: Once Mommy Dearest finds out that a rich kid loves her daughter, she’ll tell Hyun Tae to take a hike. She’s too much of a gold digger to let Hyun Tae keep his feelings. I also want closure for him. He hesitates too much and so needs to end things and move on. I was also starting to wonder if Jin Wook would keep back but that dinner between them was just what the Kdrama fan ordered.

Firnlambe: Before we start talking about the Hotel scenes can we go back to the Not-a-Date Dinner Date, and how Jin Wook probably had 20 years shaved off his life when Dad came to visit unexpectedly? Because that was absolutely hysterical.

Wendilynn: Agreed. Dad is a suspicious sort for good reason and he saw enough to let him know something was going on. However, I also lost a few years when he walked into the office. Thank goodness the cat was there. Otherwise, you KNOW he’d have started opening closets. And how do you explain hiding in a closet holding a boob pad? Lol


Cici: ROFL. Not exactly the most auspicious first meeting of the potential father-in-law. But can you imagine what was going through Yoo Mi’s mind when she discovered the precious contents of that jewelry box was her bra pad? So glad she was saved by the cat!

Firnlambe: Right?! And then we were graced with another almost kiss after dad left. Too bad Yoo Mi bolted immediately afterward. I really hope she doesn’t keep up with that trend, because now that they are back in the hotel I better get more romantic moments or I’ll throw a hissy fit to rival Miss Nosey.

Wendilynn: I’m just really glad that she knew it was her bra pad and didn’t create another misunderstanding. And I think the reason she keeps bolting is because she’s made up her mind that she’s not “worthy” or something of someone of his status. Now that he’s brought her back to the scene of the crime, so to speak, I’m ready for some hijinks.

Cici: Yes!! And he bought her girl clothes! And shoes! I absolutely loved the way he looked when he finally saw her walk into the room. Cue music, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You”. Yup, he’s a goner, whether Dad approves or not.

Is anyone else feeling ready to move on from appetizers to the full meal? With dessert? Share your thoughts on this week's episode in the comments below!

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