On your mark, get set, GO! It’s no secret that My Secret Romance is off to an amazing start! At only twelve episodes long, it is clear that no one is interested in wasting any time. Join Wendilynn, Firnlambe, and me, Cici, as we review our favorite scenes!

Cici: Sung Hoon is one sexy beast. Even fully clothed. That is all.

Firnlambe: ┬┴┬┴┤(・_├┬┴┬┴ Is it safe to come out of hiding? Second Hand Embarrassment (referred to as 2HE from here on out) is really a problem for me. I mean, don’t get me wrong. That was one intense makeout scene, be still my heart, but I was surprised it got as steamy as it did knowing Korean censors.

Wendilynn: Censors don’t seem to get upset when the guy takes HIS shirt off, and we’re used to seeing shoulders. Lol So, really, not much was actually shown. Although, we did get our obligatory Sung Hoon in swimming shorts scene. (HA!) But the actors did a great job of selling the love scene and making it hot. There’s much to be said for a guy with enough dexterity to take off his shirt, her shirt and roll up the convertible roof and windows of the car.


Cici: Well, not much was actually shown, but plenty was implied. And if you didn’t get it, the reactions of the ajummas the next morning were enough to make the point very clear. “He must have been very bad for her to run away.” LOL.


Firnlambe: Oh Em Gee … the Ajumma’s … It’s no wonder he was still so petty three years later. There really should be no reason for someone to hold a grudge for so long, but clearly she had a lasting impression on him. So I suppose I can’t hold it against him too much. I was really grateful that the time jump happened between episodes 1 and 2. With such a short airing window it would have been way too long if it came in week 2.

Wendilynn: Those ajummas had me rolling. Ribbing him for being a lousy lover would tweak a guy’s ego, just a tad. Also, the car died, so there he is, half naked, old women laughing at him and waiting for a tow. I bet it was NOT a good day for him. At least he had his jeans on when they found him.

Firnlambe: I’m not gonna lie though guys...If this girl doesn’t shape up soon me and her are gonna have some issues. Between her clumsiness, lack of overall skill and general blindness, her character is gonna drive me up a wall. I mean, how does one MISS the fact that the one night stand lover -- who you clearly still think about -- has his face and body (which you’ve seen) plastered on your local jumbo-tron. I mean really …

Cici: Agreed. I mean, he did make the ultimate sacrifice and model the company's underwear to save on the modeling fees. His pictures are everywhere, including the lobby!

2_Good response.jpg

Wendilynn:She’s beyond klutzy. However, I think when you have a mom who is a flamboyant exotic actress, you probably learn to ignore your surroundings. I can’t even imagine what her home life must have been as a child. If mom is willing to put her porn movie in her wedding video, what did she keep on her walls at home? Kdramas tend to make the female stupid the first couple of episodes, but I got the impression she was just really having a bad day in episode 1. In episode 2, seeing the bellhop you ditched at the beach is the last thing you are expecting to see. I don’t care how much his cute butt is plastered all over the walls. Lol

Cici: Yeah, I’m really hoping she manages to pull herself together. She’s trying too hard to be adorable, and just coming off as kind of...stupid. But it’s early, so I’m willing to give her some slack. I’ve got to say that I am really enjoying Secretary Jang, though. Between his insanely bright, matching outfits and his witty comebacks, he makes up for a lot!


Firnlambe: Secretary Matchy-Match is the best. I love how he interacts with Jin Wook. They really do have an awesome bromance going on. Ugh, the Mother. The less of her I see the happier I shall be. I get being proud of your decisions and selected work force, but there is a time and a place to bring up that particular line of work. She really doesn’t try to understand her daughter either, and that bugged me. Oh God, can you imagine what she’ll do if she ever catches wind that Yoo Mi had a One Night Stand (ONS) with the CEO of a company? She’d never give Yoo Mi any peace.

Cici: Can you imagine what she’s going to do when she actually sees Jin Wook? She wants her daughter to hurry up and get married, but it will be interesting to see if she can keep from mortifying Yoo Mi by flirting with him herself. Am I being too harsh suspecting that she’d do such a thing? Hopefully Yoo Mi will keep their relationship a secret for a looong time, at least from her mother!

Wendilynn: I think we can see the Mom trope far too clearly in this one. There are a few things that are very predictable in this drama, but I also like Secretary Jang best. I loved him in his pink suit. I loved him when he showed zilch fear when Jin Wook threatened to fire him if he put him on the bus. And then he TICKLED HIM to get him on the bus. At that point, he was my favorite character. I found it telling that when Jin Wook needed someone he could trust to tell him like it is, he picked him to be his right hand man. Threatening to quit if he didn’t eat? I mean, if that doesn’t tell you how close they are, what does?

Cici: I was sold the minute he opened his mouth and out came the disparaging words of Jim Wook’s father. I was laughing so hard I choked. And then the tickling scene? Priceless. OK, I’m just going to get this out there now. Did anyone else get the impression that Secretary Jang is gay? The reactions of the other cook at Daebak would say otherwise, so I'm a little confused. And then Jin Wook tried to deter his father's insistence that he get married by referring to Secretary Jang when he said he already had a wife. What do you think?

Firnlambe: Maybe at first, but after watching Secretary Matchy-Match ( I know it's Jang, but humor me ppl) give the flirty female cook a once over I had to do a reassessment. I’m fairly certain he’s straight, just very peculiar regarding his clothes. Ok so since I’m on the topic of cooks. Who else was annoyed that Yoo Mi didn’t just outsource Jin Wook’s food requests. The woman knows she can’t cook, so why bother trying. Particularly when the in house cooks are against you.

Wendilynn: I’m with you on that one. Why wasn’t she outsourcing the food? It's not like she had a lot of time, and she KNOWS that everyone thinks her food preferences are odd. Nobody likes your food you think is so delicious...not even cute cafe dude. Get a clue! As for Secretary Jang, no, I never saw him as gay, just very outgoing. That was funny when Jin Wook teased him by asking him if his underwear matched. Lol

Cici: I was so glad that the relationship between Jin Wook and Secretary Jang had continued and grown through that three-year time jump. I was pretty amazed at how Jin Wook managed to transform from a lazy womanizer to a completely driven workaholic in that time. I’m interested to find out more of his back story, especially regarding his mom.


Firnlambe: Oh I’m totally looking forward to learning more about his mother. That looks like it will be a sad plot point, particularly since the epilogues have shown him sleeping on the couch while holding onto the blanket with her scent. I sense a trend of him collecting items from the women in his life, didn’t he also pick up Yoo Mi’s 500 won coin. Clearly he remembered when she gave him the one on the beach.

Cici: Collecting mementos from the women he loves is very sweet. Now if he saved her bra implant from their ONS, I will die laughing.


Wendilynn: That would be funny. I wondered at first if he had kept her 500 won coin from the beach, but then I realized he found it in the elevator. Clearly he picked it up to have a good day, so he remembered what she had told him. He may be mad at her, but she clearly touched him deeply.

Firnlambe: LMAO I’m having gutter thoughts about your last comment W…..STOP BRAIN--STOP!!

Wendilynn: The pun was intentional. Lol

And with that, dear readers, we will close and leave you to your own thoughts...till next week! Share your reactions to the first two episodes in the comments below!

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