Surprise! All’s well that ends well. Our OTP resolves all their misunderstandings, noble idiocy is put to rest, and even the side characters get happy endings and nice little redemption arcs. To top it all off, we get flashbacks of all the most memorable moments of chemistry and eye candy. Everybody wins! Join Wendilynn, Firnlambe, and me, Cici, as we discuss the final episodes of My Secret Romance.

Firnlambe: If I have to watch one more flashback I may be forced to chuck my computer at the wall.

Wendilynn: There were a lot of “longing” scenes. I’m not sure why we had so many flashbacks but I guess they are popular because the ratings for this show stayed strong despite the international fans wanting to bang their heads against the wall. Lol

Cici: I understand everyone’s frustration, BUT there are two things we have to remember. Due to the timing of the elections, the writers had to come up with an extra episode. Basically their choices were to insert a ridiculous plot twist which could still be resolved in one episode (amnesia and/or the white truck of doom, I’m looking at you) OR they could increase the angst factor by tons of flashbacks. While I’m not a fan of flashbacks, at least Sung Hoon is pretty enough that I really don’t mind looking at him kissing. Plus, it saves me having to find those scenes on my own. Not that I was going to re-watch them... Oh, who am I kidding?

Firnlambe: You can keep your flashbacks. I honestly felt the progression of these last 2-3 episodes was crap. I really didn’t like how things decided to unfold. I get that they had a hiccup because of the elections, but just felt like a cheap copout to me. I loved how strong this story started out and to see it fizzle towards the end (in my opinion) was disappointing.

Wendilynn: I don’t agree it fizzled. It was very sweet and I really enjoyed the chemistry between Sung Hoon and Song Ji Eun. They had to come to grips with the differences in their stations in life and with her insecurity with her mother’s past. Until she put that away, they really couldn’t do anything. That mom though… she should be banned from creating wedding videos. Lol

Cici: I may be the only person on the planet who ended up liking the mom. OK, not the way she creates wedding videos. But she did finally wake up and realize the pain and embarrassment she had been causing Yoo Mi, and I thought her final interview was brilliant. She managed to apologize and earn a little redemption, all while staying completely in character. For me that was some of the best writing and character development in the drama. Jin Wook’s parents, on the other hand…

Firnlambe: //grumbles to self// So many of these characters just annoyed me at the end. Mom….Miss Nosey--WHO SHOULD NOT HAVE A HAPPY ENDING--just saying. That bothers me that she was allowed to hook up with our writer. He deserves someone better in my opinion. Ok…so I’m salty about it….whatcha gonna do??!


Wendilynn: I wasn’t bothered by the Author and Miss Nosey getting together. He was the only one she was willing to be real with and that said a lot to me. He understood her and was in much the same emotional space she was in. He just wasn’t aggressive like she was. They will do well together, I think. (F: //distant grumbles in the background//) I was really happy that we got to see what Sec. Jang and Cook Kang were getting up to. Those two are just too cute together. The chemistry between them was hot, I have to say. 

Cici: I may be somewhere in the middle between you two when it comes to Hye Ri and Hyun Tae. But what I appreciate the most is that neither one of them suddenly stepped out of character in order to redeem themselves. So I’m willing to give that relationship a pass. And the only issue I have with Secretary Jang and Cook Kang is that we got to see so little of them. They are adorable.

13_ SecAndCook.jpg

Cici: The only two characters I have an issue with are Jin Wook’s parents. His dad remained a jerk right up to the end, and only the epilogue hinted that he might ever accept Yoo Mi. And his mom--I could not believe one single thing about their relationship, mostly because there was so little information divulged. Now that was something they could have spent a little more time on, instead of all the other flashbacks.

Firnlambe: Those flashbacks I would have been ok with. Give me flashbacks to events years past….not days. I think Jin Wook’s mother had a reeeeally shitty way of abandoning her child. I’m sure she thought that she was doing Jin Wook a favor by leaving in the middle of the night, but clearly it was more traumatic. Also I call BS on Jin Wook claiming he was the same age as Dong Goo. Dong Goo can barely form sentences while baby Wook was talking just fine.

Wendilynn: Dong Goo is 3 and little Jin Wook was like 6 or 7, but it is still a young boy period of time when losing your mother is a hard thing to deal with. I admit, I was cutting lots of onions during their reunion scene. We never got the real reason mom left, but clearly, all it took was some abalone porridge to make it all okay. Lol I do like that both Moms told their children to fight for the one they loved despite the seeming difficulties.


Cici: Jin Wook’s relationship with his mom was the one thing that I had the most difficulty with. Without more detail, we’re left to assume that she abandoned him because she missed the sea so much? What is she, a mermaid? (F: HA!) And the fact that he really had no contact with her for all those years, suffered abandonment issues and insomnia as a result, and then just forgives her because she makes him some soup? Humph. Even in a Kdrama, I can’t suspend my disbelief that much. And I call cheap shot when the writers pull out all the stops trying to wring tears out of the audience over baby Wook’s and big Wook’s tears.


Wendilynn: Twenty years is a long time to hold a grudge and not find a little forgiveness.

Cici: I never felt Jin Wook held a grudge. But he sure was damaged.

Firnlambe: And then there’s me…..not caring 100%. I care about 85%. There was not enough information for me to give any more cares towards Jin Wook and his mother’s relationship. I--honestly--it’s hard for me to really care much about the end of this series...and that makes me sad, but it’s true.

Wendilynn: Did you guys catch that the chemistry between these two in the behind the scenes videos have sparked dating rumors? 

Firnlambe: I really enjoyed our OTP’s chemistry. It’s what brought me back time and time again. They complemented each other well, so I can totally see why netizens are striking up possible dating rumors about them.

Cici: Sung Hoon could kiss a fence post, and that would spark dating rumors. Which brings me to the real reason we suffered through all those flashbacks and a confusing ending. Sung Hoon. Kissing. Hugging  Sigh.

Wendilynn: The boy does know how to kiss. When they were being cute and adorable together, it was worth watching so much. I really loved how he was willing to wait for her whether it was going to be 3 yrs or 30. His steadfast love for her was a constant through this whole show that I really loved. Even when you thought he was wavering, it turned out he was giving her the space she thought she needed so he didn’t drive her away.

Cici: There’s one more thing I loved about this drama, besides Sung Hoon’s kissing. I loved the way they included some beautiful poetry in the epilogues. Because if Sung Hoon kissing doesn’t melt your cold, cold heart, hearing his velvet voice recite poetry will. All I can say, is, until next time, Sung Hoon, I will miss you, but…


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