On our last week of My Secret Romance, we are here to see how the problems are solved to lead us to a happy ending. But first, more tears are ought to be shed. Allow me to recap episode 12 for you all.

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My Secret Romance
Episode 12: It's Time to Wake up from this Dream

The episode starts a bit before what we saw last. Yoo Mi struggling with the rumours around her, escaping from them. Before she actually runs away, she goes to face the source of her problems: her mother. For the first time, she tells her what she thinks, how her attitude has hurt her and caused her such a hard time.

The last person she sees before leaving is Hyun Tae, who can’t really help her. Then it’s what we already saw with Jin Wook trying to find her, going to the cafe. After the argument, Hyun Tae warns him to never make Yoo Mi cry and gives him the piece of information to clue him where Yoo Mi could be.

Jin Wook drives to the East Sea, where they met.

Everyone is worried about them, Yoo Mi’s mother clearly regrets the pain she caused her daughter, and in my case, I look for the comfort of Miss Je Ni, worried about the young couple, hoping for their good.

Yoo Mi walks around town, the different locations and the people she watches remind her of her day there, and obviously of Director Cha. She ends up going to eat, casually ending up in front of Jin Wook’s mother’s restaurant. She is unaware of who the woman is, she just receives her kindness, trying the abalone porridge and taking notes, in her mind obviously Jin Wook.

Jin Wook is also in the town, the memories with Yoo Mi haunting him like it happens to her.

The next day, Yoo Mi is using the bike Jin Wook’s mother lent her to go around. It seems everything she sees reminds him of Jin Wook, like a cat, the beach, a coin. And just like she bikes around town, Jin Wook drives, visiting the same places just at different times. It’s when she’s taking a break that she spots a coin of 500 won, going for it. But she drops it, so after following she ends up at Jin Wook’s feet. They’ve finally met again, and he doesn’t waste the opportunity, grabbing her in his arms, promising to never let her go again.

Finally together, the couple walk around the beach. Jin Wook tells her why he has insomnia, due to his mother leaving in the middle of the night. She asks him if he’s forgiven his mother, and Jin Wook claims he doesn’t hate her, whereas Yoo Mi can’t still forgive her mother for all she had to go through.

The night comes and they play with sparkles and people on the peach before going to the car, enjoying the view. Jin Wook pours his feelings, telling her she isn’t just a dream for him and he’ll follow his heart. Just like three years ago, they kiss on the same beach, on the same car, but it doesn’t end up in another one night stand.

Yoo Mi wakes up in the middle of the night, watching Jin Wook sleep as she has many, many, flashbacks of all their moments together, since they met, when they met again and all the struggles in the middle, all the kisses. Her heart is moved and with a brokenhearted expression, she leans again to kiss him, thankful he was her first and last love.

The epilogue shows the lovers longing for each other when Yoo Mi transferred, and then their delayed timing in town, passing by each other without noticing.

There's only one more episode to go, and I'll be back in no time to recap it for you all.

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My Secret Romance

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