As people say, the cat is out of the bag and now the viewers can see what happens in episode 3 of My Secret Romance. I'll recap it for you all before Episode 4 comes out.

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My Secret Romance
Episode 3: My Inside Flip Like Pancakes

The episode starts with Yoo Mi realising the company director is none other than her one night stand, that happened three years ago. Horrified, she turns around and runs away. Outside the company, Director Cha shows up in his car, confronting her but Yoo Mi fakes ignorance and when he tries to drag her in the car, she freaks out and cries out she's not the type to get in cars with strangers.

Ummmm. Okay. We shall not judge based on past actions.

The next day, per Director Cha's request, I instruct Yoo Mi to deliver the meals personally unless she wants to be jobless. She accepts and mutters to herself, and when she's in the office, she plays dumb to all of Jin Wook's insinuations, acting as if she really doesn't remember him. Director Cha questions himself, wondering if his face is forgettable. I try to comfort him telling him his face is in the top 5%, but he disagrees. I can't do more for him.

Depressed, Yoo Mi stops by her friend Hyun Tae's cafe. She tells him about her one night escapade and he just seems to find it amusing and worth it for a next book. She just gets angry and walks away, but it seems the young man has not believed her story. Evidently, having one night stands is not something she does frequently.

The food deliveries continue and Director Cha brings more props to trigger her memory, like a wine bottle but she continues running away. Jin Wook is amused and wonders how long she can put up with that act.


Yoo Mi is not having a good time but tries to endure it the best she can. Meanwhile, Director Cha tries to keep away announcer Joo Hye Ri from him, saying he has more work to do although he just told me he had finished. Then he tells me he is really working overtime and will be having dinner, which equals overwork time for Yoo Mi who was leaving the company already.

Jin Wook makes a request of sea pasta and Yoo Mi has to go out to buy the ingredients for this plate. She works hard to deliver it at the right time he set. He waits for her, to obviously keep molesting her.

Once she's inside he gives her money, indicating it's for the gas plus interest. At first it seems it is for going to get the ingredients but soon she realises it is not about that and refuses the money. Director Cha insists, while she steps back and he ends up cornering against the wall. He makes her accept the money that was indeed for the gas from that day three years ago, and now that he's settled their debt he wants his coat back, the one she ran away with. He accuses her of purposely entering the company looking for him.

Director Cha says she's not to be trusted, not even with her food but she insists as a nutritionist she won't mess with food and even tries it when he tells her to. She does and storms out after that, screaming at him. But that's not the end of it, she knows he's after her, bullying her and wants to change workplace. Obviously, I happen to catch her when she's making the request and I report her betrayal. Jin Wook accuses her of stabbing him and Yoo Mi loses her cool, admitting her lies but also accusing him for bullying her. She screams and asks to separate work from personal life. 

Before she can leave he asks her why he left that morning and she says it was because it was just a one night stand, although in her mind she admits she was scared for how her heart was pounding so much and because it was her first time. 


I drive Director Cha home and when we're there he asks me if I'm busy. I am, I don't live for him, but still I end up agreeing to have some drinks with his depressed self. Later, while Yoo Mi is worried at home, Jin Wook seems even more hurt and offended by her answer. On his desk there's a box in his desk that shines, indicated he has placed something valuable in it. My guess is he keeps in there the breast pad she lost during their night together.

The next day Yoo Mi assumes she'll be fire and is really gloomy, and she's extremely surprised when I come back with the empty basket. Director Cha has eaten everything and said to enjoy it, which only looks suspicious to her. I don't blame her. 

At work, the chairman is having a meeting with Jin Wook and another director who is already sucking up, but he is one of the employees who does not approve of Director Cha being there so he must have ulterior motives. But Jin Wook is more worried about knowing how Yoo Mi reacted to his new attitude towards her food. I honestly deliver what I saw on her expression. He takes it on me and insulting my high and refined sense of fashion.

At the kitchen, the employees are having a break while eating Kimchi pancakes; Wang Bok Ja tells Yoo Mi to deliver some to Director Cha as a bribe. While Jin Wook is working, Hye Ri comes to visit him, sticking by his side and Yoo Mi comes to deliver the pancakes right to witness that. After leaving, she hears how they insult her food. 

Undoubtedly, she is hurt after that and she scolds herself for even expecting anything, but her worries only get worse when her mom shows up with her new son after splitting up with her second husband. Yoo Mi wars flashbacks of her years in high school when she was bullied. It is shown as if it was because her mother was an erotic actress.

Yoo Mi doesn't have a break with her mother and son at home, but there isn't much she can do. Then at work things get worse when Hye Ri comes to deliver premium ingredients for Jin Wook's meals, demanding to see Yoo Mi's food before she delivers, for inspection. When Yoo Mi stands up for her job, Hye Ri says she's looking after her future husband, and that is the moment for Director Cha to show up and contradict the announcer. He does more than that, grabbing and pulling Yoo Mi in his arms, stating he only eats her food because she is his nutritionist.


The epilogue shows another angle from the starting scene. Then when Jin wook tries the sea pasta and realised she did messed with it. And finally when we went for drinks and I tried to give him advice but he rejected me. I was there with him, but I was't really with him.

The job of a secretary isn't appreciated.

We'll see how the story continues in the next episode. We'll meet then.

Kind regards,
Secretary Jang.


My Secret Romance

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