Episode 4 of My Secret Romance came to make the misunderstanding bigger and more comical, but also to portray better the connections between characters and the big picture of how this story will carry on. Let's see how it went.

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My Secret Romance
Episode 4: The Secret in the Jewellery Box

The episode starts when Diretor Cha interrupts announcer Hye Ri from her claims to be his future wife, and stands up for Yoo Mi, shocking everyone. And he continues doing so by grabbing her from the wrist and dragging her out. Hye Ri watches them realising there's something more and clenching her fists in annoyance.

Director Cha takes Yoo Mi to a restaurant that he enjoys, and he makes sure to stop Yoo Mi from getting any idea, he only brought her for research purposes, so she can learn and replicate the kind of taste he likes. During the meal the nutritionist asks whether the director is dating the announcer, but Jin Wook denies such claims. And when they are leaving he scolds her a bit more, making Yoo Mi sulk. She is about to walk into the door when he stops her, pulling her and the momentum of the impulse sends her right into Director Cha's arms. They hold on to one another for a while, and once they pull themselves together he scolds her for being distracted.

At home that night, Director Cha thinks of the other employee who wants to get rid of the current kitchen staff. Director Cha sets his mind that he won't let that happen. Then his train of thoughts changes to Yoo Mi and he opens the jewellery box and as I predicted he has kept the breast pad for three years. He recalls his anger and frustration as he screamed that day on the beach, trying to defend his honour. Now he asks himself why he still keeps that.

The next day the employee who wants to get rid of the cafeteria staff poses his concerns regarding complaints and the like, so they set a visit to confirm such accusations. The kitchen staff is told of the visit and prepare accordingly, Yoo Mi suggests chopped steak, but instead of steak, as they don't have, with pork. The meal is good and Director Cha makes sure to push the other man until he ends up with an asthma attack. Director Cha has won this match.

In the kitchen the other employees suspect Yoo Mi and her relationship with the director, but the young nutritionist denies it all and tries to explain everything. Ultimately she ends up changing topic and asking them to have dinner together at night. They might go for dinner but they also go to the club where Miss Je Ni asks her if she's having a fling with the director or not. Yoo Mi assures her that's not the case.

At the club there's also announcer Hye Ri and she is planning to do something as her move against Yoo Mi.

Back at home, Yoo Mi is still as displeased with her mother there and worries about providing for the three of them, her mother however says she'll put some money, too.

In a bad mood, Yoo Mi seeks for her best friend who is on his scooter and agrees to give her a ride, as fast as she needs to feel better. They go to a park where she vents about her worries and he tells her to live with him. Yoo Mi laughs and Hyun Tae says it was a joke, but an observant person like me (or anyone to be honest) can tell he didn't mean it as a joke and it's using that to mask the reality. Then one of Hyun Tae's fans come to ask for an autograph but he declines, saying he's on a date with his girlfriend and he goes to hug Yoo Mi. After the fan is gone, Yoo Mi attacks him and scolds him for his behaviour. He watches her with longing as they stay there for longer.

The next day Director Cha goes to a business trip, which means Yoo Mi is free from preparing his meals. Or that she thinks. While all of us are having a meal, Director Cha feels something is missing and after talking to me realises it's his meals prepared by Yoo Mi. When her little brother calls him by accident, he uses that chance to tell her she can slack off and has to go to his place to prepare him a meal.

As Yo Mi's mother isn't in the house, the nutritionist takes her baby brother with her. She takes a look around but doesn't linger too long and just makes sure to leave her brother and ask him not to cause havoc. She goes to cook and realises he has little to nothing. Then her brother does break something and she hurries to the studio to find the jewellery box on the floor. She does not look inside, just realises it's broken and tries to put it back as if nothing happened.

When Director Cha is back, expecting Yoo Mi to still be there to have the meal with him, he only finds the food she left for him and in solitude and bad mood, he eats it. She also managed to drop his coat she had indeed kept in those 3 years.

At home Yoo Mi wonders if Director Cha will make her pay for the jewellery box and wonders what he kept inside. Probably some jewel for Hye Ri, who happens to show up in a cooking show, wanting to improve her skills for someone. What Yoo Mi doesn't see is her mother also in the show, being the judge of Hye Ri's bad cooking skills. 

The next day, Yoo Mi tries to apologise for what happened indirectly, with a very detailed meal, extremely cute but childish. Director Cha acts appalled and suspicious, asking why she's acting that way, does she want to date him? She doesn't confess but does say it's a way to apologise. When she leaves, he is still touched by her cuteness.

Hye Ri also brings food that looks good to the chairman, but this clearly tastes horribly. Director Cha joins them and is displeased his son is eating packed lunch boxes. He explains it's for his health but the chairman insists he needs to marry. Hye Ri seems to be the option but Jin Wook refuses to marry just yet.

The young woman suspects there's something between Director Cha and Nutritionist Lee, but that won't stop her and she warns him of such. Then she runs into Yoo Mi and the nutritionist sees the diamond necklace, thinking that was a gift from Jin Wook so she apologises to her for breaking the box. Obviously, Hye Ri has no idea why Yoo Mi is apologising, at the end she just restates her position and Yoo Mi's.

Director Cha finally realises something happened with the box and is afraid she saw the content inside. The next day he's mumbling to himself, his head anywhere else but his work. He freaks out and interprets everything in the worst way possible. Like when I have to go pick his packed lunch (after I ran into Miss Je Ni who knows exactly how to drive a man crazy) and Yoo Mi makes a mistake spelling steak, and Director Cha freaks out. At night he can't take it anymore and calls her to meet, after finding the plush toy her bother lost in his studio. 

Jin Wook arrives and he starts demanding to know what she saw. She gives him a similar jewellery box, thinking he came to make her pay. They never use words, just assumptions. She speaks about the necklace diamond, while he thinks of the breast pads, and the words of each other only confuse and make the other feel worse. Director Cha snaps, rubbing in her face the plush toy and causing a scene, until Hyun Tae shows up, making him stop and pulling Yoo Mi in his arms when Jin Wook asks who he is.

The episode shows more of Jin Wook crying out in the beach, his zoned out attitude in the office, eating at the restaurant with the other men and finally all the fun he had with the packed lunch Yoo Mi prepared as an apology.

I presume young Hyun Tae has been in love with Yoo Mi for a long time and won't just be the knight in shinny armour, henceforth now  Director Cha will have to fight for Yoo Mi when he acknowledges his own feelings.

Yoo Mi's younger brother, Dong Goo, is three years old and it's easy to predict Director Cha will think the kid is his child in the future, leading to more misunderstandings.

We'll meet again in the next episode when it comes out to see how the story develops. Until then.

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My Secret Romance

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