Episode 5 of My Secret Romance digs deeper in the misunderstandings but at the same time exposes the leads' feelings. Allow me to recap the episode for you before the next one comes out.

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My Secret Romance
Episode 5: Playing With my Heart

The episode starts with the argument between Director Cha and Nutritionist Lee, where they wrongly assume the other understands what they are actually talking about. Until Writer Hyun Tae arrives to the scene to protect his friend from what looks like harassment. The young man makes it look like he's Yoo Mi's boyfriend and when she tries to correct such assumption, her friend stops her. 

Angry and jealous, Director Cha drives home unable to stop recalling the scene between Yoo Mi and Hyun Tae. Meanwhile, Hyun Tae tells his friend that if she's being bothered by her boss again to tell him that they are dating. For her, he can be her boyfriend.

At his home, Director Cha mopes, trying to convince himself it was obvious in those three years she got a boyfriend and that doesn't bother him. He drowns his sorrows in alcohol.

    Announcer Joo Hye Ri continues her machinations to get closer to Director Cha. This time she uses the chance that one of the PDs in her broadcast company is looking for a successful and handsome CEO. She offers herself to get the perfect candidate. Meanwhile, Director Cha ignores all her attempts to meet, his thoughts consumed by the events of that night three years ago. Yoo Mi does the same.

The next day when Yoo Mi delivers the packed lunch, Director Cha returns the plush toy and she tries to give him the new jewellery box, but he orders her to never talk about that again. When she's leaving he asks about Hyun Tae and Yoo Mi decides to take her friend's advice and not clear the idea the director has by refusing to answer his questions. When Director Cha offends Hyun Tae, she stands up for her friend and disses her boss before she walks away. The man is flabbergasted and almost goes after her to continue the argument, but stops himself just to be distracted later by the new cute lunch. He loses his head because her lunch boxes get cuter and cuter and he has to take pictures.

At the kitchen while Yoo Mi mumbles to herself, Wang Bok Ja is in a really bad mood, scolding them all. 

Director Cha and I walk as I tell him about his plans, but he orders to cancel the reservation for dinner, stating he'll have the packed meal. He asks me about what I'm reading and is surprised to find the author is the supposed boyfriend of the new nutritionist, which really ruins his mood. He even drops my books.


Yoo Mi is in a hurry but does her best to delver dinner, yet Director Cha barely pays her any attention. She's getting ready to leave, making plans with Hyun Tae when Director Cha complains for the size of the meal and asks for more. With barely no ingredients, she has to manage to prepare another plate of dinner he swallows with a fierce expression. He continues getting in her way, showing up when she's about to leave to ask for ramen this time. He forces her to sit with him and continues bugging her, pushing her. At some point he gets too close, invading her personal bubble until she hiccups. Director Cha smirks and makes a conclusion, cornering Yoo Mi and stating that her hiccups are because of him, because he makes her nervous.

Although surprised, Yoo Mi pulls herself together and blows his conclusions saying she hiccups because he makes her uncomfortable, because she wants to forget about what happened. With that she gather her things and walks away.

At the neighbourhood Hyun Tae tries to figure out why he acted that way the night before. I'm surprised he doesn't know.

At home, Hyun Tae is playing with Yoo Mi's baby brother, even lying to his fans and saying he's his son. Yoo Mi goes to her place to find her mother re-watching her erotic movies, which makes Yoo Mi snap as those movies are what have caused her so much plain. She leaves the place and goes to viewer with a bottle of soju, her first drink in three years. She tries to drown her sorrows and soon Hyun Tae comes with snacks for her, trying to tell her to just understand her mother.

Finally, Yoo Mi recalls exactly how that tape traumatised her. In school with her friends they gathered to watch the tape together and are surprised to find Yoo Mi's mother as the lead. Since then the bullying started and Yoo Mi became too aware of her dressing code and avoided dating. 

Hyun Tae tries to support her, but then gets confused when she starts blaming her mother for what she did at the beach with "Three Meals a Day," but he has no clue what she's talking about. She doesn't explain, because she falls asleep.

The next day, Director Cha sees Yoo Mi by the elevators and overhears her conversation with Hyun Tae, getting jealous again. In his revenge he orders me to tell the nutritionist to prepare 10 lunch boxes for the interview crew and then dinner for 20 people. He is savage like that.

Yoo Mi tries to get help from the kitchen staff but they are too busy so she can't prepare something too fancy. Then she rushes to deliver and watches how Hye Ri keeps making it look like Director Cha and her have something going on. Then she does deliver the lunch boxes, just when others better looking ones arrive, Hye Ri's courtesy. This is obviously one of her devices to humiliate Yoo Mi as no one picks her lunch boxes. I did, but not because I had an option.

Hurt, she walks away and Director Cha goes after her to clear things up, Hye Ri tries to stop him but he gives her just a warning to stop. When Director Cha reaches Yoo Mi she actually apologises for ruining his proposal. He's confused but she continues taking about "the present for Hye Ri in the jewellery box." Finally, he understands she didn't really see what was in the jewellery box.

Yoo Mi tries not to feel offended or sad, because if she does then it means she has feelings. Easier said than done. She continues in a downcast mood until I call her, telling her to immediately come to the hospital. It's about Director Cha.

The epilogue shows the history of the breast pad implant, how he couldn't throw it away the first time, how he changed after that night, seeing the breast pad everywhere. It also shows him taking more pictures and complaining about the cute lunch. Then Director Cha's looniness at home, without anyone to call. And lastly, his struggle to get rid of the jewellery just to end up hiding it in the closet.

Episode 6 comes later today, so stay tuned for that to see how the events continue. I'll see you all there.

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My Secret Romance

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