Episode 6 of My Secret Romance got our leads closer, cleared some misunderstandings and left sparks flying. Allow me to recap it for you.

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My Secret Romance
Episode 6: Let's Go To Work

Just as the end of episode 5 showed, we start this episode with the last scene in which Nutritionist Yoo Mi apologises for ruining the proposal. Director Cha does not clear things up in that moment and later he has another issue: what do we do with all the lunch boxes the nutritionist prepared? There's no other option but to eat them ourselves. And this is why I end up calling Lee Yoo Mi, asking her to come to the hospital because the director got an upset stomach for eating so much.

She arrives promptly and looks uneasy. With the sandwiches I ate I'm also feeling poorly, so I leave them alone. This gives them a chance to talk and some misunderstandings are cleared up. Nutritionist Lee explains young Hyun Tae is only her closes friend, and Director Cha explains he is in no relationship with Hye Ri, actually the female lead of the story is someone else. He does not get a chance to explain further as he falls asleep and Yoo Mi looks after him, tucking him in. In his sleep, Director Cha takes her hand prisoner to cuddle to sleep. I watch them from outside knowing quite well what this mean. She looks after him until late night.

The next day, Yoo Mi is finally getting on Wang Bok Ja's good side, the older woman reckoning the nutritionist's efforts and acknowledging her bad mood due to her back problems. The woman even gifts Yoo Mi with hand cream. At the hospital l pick Director Cha to take him to work, I also tell him how Yoo Mi stayed until late night with him, unable to censure my knowing grin at the situation.

Knowing Yoo Mi stayed until late, Director Cha wonders if his recollection of Yoo Mi tenderly stroking his hair, telling him not to get sick and kissing him was really a dream or not. That is why when she comes to deliver his breakfast in the morning he tells her to stay. As a businessman, he proposes a deal to repay for the jewellery box, his upset stomach and the consequences in his work. For this, she has to agree to eat ten meals with him. Director Cha is invasively persuasive, caging her in his arms.

Director Cha isn't the only one getting a date for that night. With my smooth and straightforward skills, I get Miss Je Ni to agree to have dinner with me. For a moment I get scared Director Cha wants to have dinner with me, luckily he just asks me for reservations to eat with Nutritionist Lee.

When they meet outside the office, Yoo Mi decides to take control of the situation and instead suggests where to eat, as she is the nutritionist. In the car, Director Cha manages to create situations that embarrass Yoo Mi and make her get too closed, and consequently, flustered.

The restaurant is famous and although it doesn't look high class, Director Cha finds himself enjoying the food, not without a few stains. On their way home, they talk a bit about their mothers and Jin Wook can tell her how he doesn't remember much about her, but he does recall her abalone porridge was the best. She proposes to eat that next time but he admits it's useless, everything falls short to his mom's abalone porridge. 

He drops her, not at home, because she wants to buy food for her baby brother, yet she keeps hiding the fact she has one and lies saying it's for her dog.

At her home, she shares with her mother and brother, but even if she asks her mom why she got pregnant, the lady is more focused on complaining how another famous actress is just famous because got pregnant and couldn't continue. The next day, Yoo Mi's mother leaves early to the broadcast station, all dolled up to meet with a friend. She asks Hyun Tae to take her. Outside the station, announcer Hye Ri confuses him with a delivery guy and asks to run an errand for her. He ends up doing so.

Back at the coffee shop, Hyun Tae proposes to make toasts for Yoo Mi and Dong Goo, but after she's agreed the nutritionist receives a call form Director Cha to meet to eat, no excuses. She has to leave Hyun Tae and meet with her boss. The young man is clearly upset.

She arrives just in time to stop him from keep humiliating himself at the popular restaurant that makes him wait in line. She takes him away and when she manages to ask him why he called her he confesses it's because he wanted to see her, and he doesn't like eating alone as that's what he's always done. That hits a soft spot so things calm down and then they mask it all with the pretence of that eating is also working. When they are finally called, Director Cha grabs her hand. "Let's go work," is what he says.

That's totally a date.

Actually, after lunch, they walk side-to-side like a couple, and when Director Cha spots her untied shoelaces, he makes her stop, drags her to sit down and ties them for her. I reckon the gesture is kind, but he has the gentleness of a cactus when treating her.

He invites her for tea, but she refuses for Dong Goo's sake, once again saying she has to feed the dog. So they part ways, both feeling a bit giddy, especially Yoo Mi who finally understands what it feels like dating. She spaces out the rest of the day, even when her mother comes back in a bad mood after a bad encounter with Hye Ri and the very famous actress that did recognise her in an unflattering moment.

Said Hye Ri is with the production team. They talk about interviewing Hyun Tae and she knows she's seen him, she just doesn't remember where. Her PD asks her to please get him to agree to the interview. She calls him when he's hanging out with friends, but obviously rejects her not knowing who she is, just because he doesn't do broadcasts. His friends call him a fool, but he just knows her as the weird woman who asked him to deliver.

On Monday, back at the office, Yoo Mi prepares breakfast for Director Cha with help of Wang Bok Ja, who is warming up to her. At Director Cha's office, she delivers the food and lingers there, offering to make him company while he eats as he doesn't like eating alone. So she sits down next to him, but it's a bit awkward when he's the only one eating so he offers to share. Sadly, Miss Yoo Mi had breakfast while preparing his meal. 

Another silence comes next until Director Cha mutters, while eating, that she can stop preparing his meals. She stares at him surprised.

The epilogue shows extensions of the date scene, both turning to look back at the other longingly, just not at the same time. More of Director Cha's teasing in the car, his discomfort in the restaurant she chose, his enjoyment of the meal and when she tried to clean the stain for him, and finally when he cornered her in her chair with a type of back hug while offering the deal.

Next week we'll see how the story continues, so wait patiently. 

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