Episode 7 of My Secret Romance shows more advances in the relationship between the leads. But until when can they cover it with the  "It's just business" facade? Allow me to recap this episode for you.

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My Secret Romance
Episode 7: This is how Business is Done

The episode starts when Director Cha tells Lee Yoo Mi she can stop making his meals as it's already enough and she eats with him nonetheless. She is shocked and grateful, but then he tells her he made reservations for dinner; however, she has plans, so she can't go with him. Politely, she asks that for the next time he makes plans, to please talk bout it with her one day beforehand. A bit disappointed but controlling his emotions, Director Cha agrees and then tells me to cancel the reservation that was difficult to get. I tell him he should've asked her first, that's the proper date procedure, but he continues with the story of "It's just business." I don't believe him, but Nutritionist Lee does and that's why she cancels her plans and agrees to go have dinner with the director, to repay her debt.

As Director Cha cancelled the reservation, he takes her to his home where he'll cook for her. She is embarrassed and self-conscious, but he continues his normal behaviour. Miss Yoo Mi gets startled with the cat and clings to Director Cha, and although he secretly loves it, he just treats her indifferently and tells her to let go and hurry up inside.

Inside, Director Cha starts preparing dinner for the two of them while she watches, impressed at his skills. The topic whether it is a date or not is touched, Yoo Mi evidently overheard and tries to brush it off saying he's not her type. He believes his coking will change her opinion. 

Once he's done, Director Cha makes Miss Yoo Mi help him set the mood while giving excuses. Finally, he asks her to hold the plates to put them to the table next to him. It looks overkill at first, he can definitely do it himself and there isn't anything else to bring to the table, but then he shows his true intentions when surprises the nutritionist with a peck on her lips. He calls it appetizer. Hearing no complaints from her, he kisses her again.

Pleased with his actions and the results, he goes to sit and acts nonchalant, but not for too long because the bell rings. Chairman Cha has come for a visit, noticing how suspicious his son is acting. Yoo Mi has to hide and she does such in Director Cha's room, where she finds, once again, the jewellery box. This time, she does open it and finds the bra pad, surprised he's still keep it and mortified at the memories of losing it.

In her shock, Miss Yoo Mi drops the jewellery box, startling the other men downstair that have to go up to check what's going on. She hides in the closet, and thankfully, the cat sneaks inside to save them from Chairman Cha's suspicions.

Once his father is gone, Director Cha goes for Yoo Mi, finding her in the closet and when he opens the door, she falls into his arms. But after seeing the bra pad, she is too frantic and nervous and can't stay, making a run for it. 

The next day, Yoo Mi avoids Director Cha while Chairman Cha is still suspicious and asks to find out if his son is seeing someone. Said son goes for a direct attack and corners Miss Yoo Mi when she's singing, realising she's tone-deaf. Good thing she's a nutritionist and not an idol.

Director Cha takes Yoo Mi to show her his work and tell her how a new important business is coming up and he needs her help with the picky client, to work as his personal nutritionist as he has a medical condition. It seems to me he's just using another excuse to be with her, he even asks me to drive separately to the location.

Announcer Hye Ri goes personally to meet Writer Hyun Tae and persuade him to be on their show, yet he is still reluctant, although he hesitates when he hears Director Cha was the previous guest. Outside, the announcer runs into Yoo Mi and her mother with Dong Goo, realising she knows Hyun Tae and thinking there's something odd about that kid.

That night, Hyun Tae and Yoo Mi go to the park to talk. Miss Yoo Mi thinks it's a good idea the TV show, although he might get too famous. The young writer uses that chance to ask her if she'd be bothered by that, but his friend isn't. When they try to go home, she ungraciously almost falls and her friend catches her. Hyun Tae hugs her then, asking her if she feels anything different, but her answer is just mocking. Evidently, her heart doesn't flutter for him.

The next day is the business trip and although she wears that formal and unfashionable suit, Director Cha finds her as charming as usual. He rejoices in the fact the business trip is to the same resort where they met. But they put business aside form personal life and meet the potential partner, who is delighted with everything and agrees easily. Yoo Mi does her best to prepare a nutritious and delicious meal, and the potential partner is pleased.

Director Cha's plan with double intentions to get closer to Yoo Mi worked. I am impressed.

Once that is over, a dress is dropped by Yoo Mi's hotel door, with a note by Director Cha, asking her to meet. She does, and the young man is bewitched when she shows up. But if one thing is consistent in this story is how clumsy Lee Yoo Mi is. When she's standing in front of a lovesick Director Cha, somehow she gets in the way of a waitress who ends up spilling wine all over her and causing her to almost fall back. Luckily for her, there's always someone to catch her, most of the time, Director Cha, who is happy to fulfil that role of Prince Charming.

The epilogue shows little more detail to the kiss Director Cha stole, how Yoo Mi hid in the closet and tried to stay quiet there, and Director Cha trying to explain the dish to the potential partner in English, but not really remembering all the ingredients.

Due to elections in our country, this week we only get one episode. I'll meet you all for episode 8, next week.

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My Secret Romance

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