Finally, episode 8 of My Secret Romance has come. The leads get closer but important people find out about them. Good or bad news? Allow me to recap it for you.

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My Secret Romance
Episode 08: You are my Paderella

The episode starts with Yoo Mi walking in the restaurant but getting in the waitress' way, who spills wine all over her, but lucky for her, Director Cha comes to the rescue. He takes her away and hands her something to clean herself up, when the resort staff come to apologise. Director Cha recognises the woman who harassed him to work three years ago, and tries to act noble and almighty, but instead she makes him apologise to Yoo Mi as the director of Daebok Group.

She is some quality woman.

As a token for their appreciation, they give them a bottle of wine and wish them a good time. He takes her away to enjoy the bottle together, as the lady was addressing them both. In reality, he refuses to give her the bottle and bullies her until she ends up in his arms.

As they drink, they finally talk about their "relationship" and Yoo Mi honestly tells him she regrets that night, she never wanted to start something like that. She is touched, however, by his honesty as he confesses it wasn't just a mistake or a one night stand for him. Nevertheless, he is hurt with her words.

At the cafe Hyun Tae owns, Announcer Hye Ri comes to see him, frustrated Yoo Mi is with Director Cha. They drink together and she rants about her misery and loneliness, but calls him a bigger coward for not being forward and confessing his feelings.

The next day, Director Cha and the business partner sign contracts. The foreigner investor was quickly pleased by his idea of the nutritionist. I congratulate Director Cha, but he only sends me back again in the shuttle bus to Seoul. He has no consideration for me. Is this his revenge?

Alone in the resort and still bothered. Director Cha calls Yoo Mi to meet him at the pool, to look after him in case something happen but actually he just wants her to see him swimming. When he takes a break he brings up the topic of their one night stand again, asking if he really regrets it. He confesses he doesn't because he acted true to his feelings. 

Feeling gloomy because of her feelings, he asks her to help him but only to drag her in the water, lighting up the mood. Yet Nutritionist Lee wants to leave already and to stop her he fakes fainting in the water. She runs to him and asks for help, but when the lifeguards come, Director Cha makes them leave. 

In her fear she might lose him, Miss Yoo Mi confesses she doesn't regret it and that she's sorry for seeing what he kept in the jewellery box. That works to make him wake up and ask her if she really meant it. She's just relieved he wasn't dead but upset he messed with her like that.

After a while they end up talking and he truly opens up to her, revealing his feelings and she's grateful, so she kisses his cheek. Surprised and wanting more, he asks her to do that again but this time he turns his face and ends up stealing a kiss. Without her hiccups, it looks like she completely gives into it.

Later, Director Cha takes Miss Yoo Mi to her room, and it is clear he wants her to invite him over but she declines all his attempts, so he has to go to his room where he vows to follow his heart, wherever it takes him.

Back in Seoul, without the excuse to make his meals they don't have much reason to meet, which make them both a bit, just a tiny bit upset. Director Cha invites her to dine with him, but she refuses because it's Dong Goo's birthday, "her dog." At night, when Hyun Tae comes to pick Yoo Mi, Director Cha grows uncomfortable that his girlfriend is with another man.

The two friends go grocery shopping and then, at his shop, they throw a birthday party for the little boy. Just then, Director Cha shows up with a lot of dog food, just to be surprised with the presence of the little kid. He asks who he is, but Yoo Mi cuts her mother in before she can answer, not wanting to explain their family business to her superior.

Downstairs, Hyun Tae and Director Cha are having a face-to-face, throwing snarky remarks to each other and ending up in a drinking contest. Later, Yoo Mi has to drag Hyun Tae into  a taxi and when she goes for Director Cha, he just complains he doesn't want to be alone, sleep alone or eat by himself. Yoo Mi takes pity on him and lets him sleep there.

The next morning, she leaves before he wakes up, making hangover soup. Her mother has a prior engagement and asks Director Cha to look after Bong Goo, telling him that by doing so he'll impress Yoo Mi. She's shameless. Without another option, he ends up looking after the kid but instead of letting him play with the mobile phone, he takes the Dong Goo to the park. All the mothers are bewitched with the cool father and he really gets along with all the kids, playing and laughing together.

However, Chairman Cha has found out his son is seeing a nutritionist and decides to see what kind of woman she is. For that, he drops by her neighbourhood, catching sight of Director Cha playing with Dong Goo. It seems he has drawn some conclusions that only promise trouble.

The epilogue shows that Director Cha really wanted revenge by making me go back on the shuttle bus, that he takes off his trousers while sleeping and that he is a master of stealing kisses.

Next episode comes later today, so wait patiently. I'll be back to recap it for you all.

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My Secret Romance

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