Episode 9 of My Secret Romance shows us that our leads will obviously face opposition. At the same time, the possibility of a family will make them get closer. Allow me to recap it for you.

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My Secret Romance
Episode 9: Tell me the Truth

The episode starts with Director Cha playing with the kids at the playground as we saw in the previous episode, and Chairman Cha seeing him, assuming Gong Doo is the young man’s son he’s kept secret. Said young man grows fond of the kid and even gives him a bath, realising the kid has a skin condition, which might get worse due to the low-quality underwear he has.

While he’s taking care of Gong Doo, he finds the bra pads Yoo Mi (or her mother) keeps in one of the drawers, he also asks the kid how old he is. He tries to connect dots, but gets to no answer or suspicion.

Meanwhile, Announcer Hye Ri is practically announcing her engagement with Director Cha. In the station she sees Yoo Mi’s mother talking proudly of her past as erotic actress, so she decides to use that information to make Jin Wook put distance with the nutritionist.

Yoo Mi is back home, surprised Director Cha was the one taking care of her baby brother. Once again she refuses to explain who the kid is and the young man accepts that and doesn’t push further, but he does trick her to steal one kiss before parting ways. He is smooth.

At their respective homes, Yoo Mi asks Gong Doo about his day with Director Cha and said man discovers the black cat has given birth to kittens, so he brings his blanket to give it to them.

At the office the next day the meeting doesn’t seem to go too well, nobody has more ideas, so Director Cha suggest creating a line of underwear for father and son, thinking of Gong Doo. Everyone seems to like the idea so they can finish the meeting, just in time for me to come pick Director Cha as his father desires to see him.

The man comes to ask him for how long did Director Cha pretend to keep his kid hidden. Director Cha hadn’t even thought Gong Doo could be Yoo Mi’s son and just now he considers the option. For this reason, he asks Nutritionist Lee to meet after work, to disappointment of Hyun Tae and Hye Ri.

Director Cha asks Miss Yoo Mi to tell him what really happened after that day, intending to hear confirmation of Gong Doo being his kid, but Yoo Mi only feels pushed and wants to leave. Director Cha stops her and confesses he worked himself to the bone because he couldn’t forget about her, his world changed after that night and he wants to know what happened to her. She admits her fear to look easy as she never did something like that. The man just embraces her and accepts that’s all she’ll be sharing. They are not interrupted because Hyun Tae stops Hye Ri, being over all a good friend and looking after Yoo Mi despite his own feelings.

Director Cha drops Yoo Mi sweetly, not asking anything else.

At home Yoo Mi finds comfort in the knowledge she wasn’t the only one not able to properly move on after their night together. Meanwhile, Director Cha is once again with the kittens. The sight of a mother taking care of her babies makes him recall his happy days with his mother and how this woman just disappeared one day to his child self’s desolation.

The next day Yoo Mi finds his office has been remodelled and upgraded. Obviously, her coworkers suspect something is wrong and the always sharp and clever Miss Je Ni realises she’s dating Director Cha. Miss Yoo Mi feels burdened but still is grateful to Director Cha.

In other news, Chairman Cha has come to see Yoo Mi, not to tell her to break up with his son but to state he knows they won’t last, his son will come to his senses and he’ll just wait for that moment.

Director Cha has asked Yoo Mi on a date, but with Gong Doo, which is odd for her but nonetheless they have a fun time together, looking like a family actually. Director Cha admits he only likes Gong Doo because he’s Yoo Mi’s family. He actually wants to go on another date, the three of them.

Later, Director Cha meets with me to tell me about his supposed child. I am flabbergasted and deeply hurt he didn’t tell me about this, and also because Chairman Cha didn’t trust me to spy on Director Cha.

Nobody trusts me enough.

That aside, Director Cha has realised he’d like a family, being with Yoo Mi and Gong Doo has taught him that much.

At the cafe, Yoo Mi talks with Hyun Tae and the young man puts his own feelings aside to encourage her to be happy and follow her heart, even if that leads her to Director Cha. He is a noble and honourable man. Miss Yoo Mi, after realising Director Cha is a man who appreciates her and despite their history doesn’t think any less of her, decides to finally like him with all her heart.


The epilogue shows their time eating ice cream together, teasing her and being overly fond of Gong Doo who doesn’t seem to like eating, like him. Gong Doo is equally attached to the young man. The last bit is Director Cha struggling with hangover but still having fun with Gong Doo and the other kids.    

Episode 10 is out, so you can watch it and I'll see you all for the next recap.

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My Secret Romance

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