The final episode of My Secret Romance came to torn our hearts apart just a bit more before the blissful ending for every character you've come to love during this journey. Allow me to recap, for the last time, episode 13 for you all.

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My Secret Romance
Final Episode: You're my World, Tonight

The episode starts with the lovers having fun by the beach, in all their romantic moments and confessions, until Yoo Mi wakes up next to Jin Wook, kissing him goodbye, even if that breaks her heart. She cries as she leaves the beach, and even in his sleep, Jin Wook seem to feel what is happening because tears fall from his eyes in his unconsciousness.

Jin Wook wakes up to a snowy morning, accepting she’s gone but not for that desperate. He waited for her three years when he didn’t know her, he’s willing to wait even more for her now.

Brokenhearted, Yoo Mi goes back home, alone, aching so much. Thankfully, she has Hyun Tae who comforts her, telling her things will be all right. Yoo Mi’s mother watches from outside, clearly upset her daughter is having such a hard time.

Days go by and Jin Wook doesn’t go back to work. His father is angry and even tells him to never come back. I tell him such orders and Jin Wook says he’ll come back, but he needs to do something before. He doesn’t mean yearning for Yoo Mi, although he does that just as much as she suffers at home.

Determined not to give up, Jin Wook goes to his mother restaurant, finally going in. The woman immediately recognises him. It’s an emotive moment and she gives him a bowl with his favourite, abalone porridge. She’s known all along he sent her flowers and even saw him, but pretended not to see him waited for him until he’d come to see her. The day has finally come.

Yoo Mi is sick at home, not eating and her despair has caused a fever. Her mother looks after her, begging her not to get sick.

Jin Wook’s mother, on the other hand, has put the pieces together and found out who the nutritionist who visited was, and she tells all that to her son, encouraging him to go after the girl he loves. He promises to come back.

Back in Seoul, Yoo Mi’s mother has another interview, solo this time, and she prepares carefully for this. The hosts obviously want her to continue giving more details about the scandal, but instead she just makes them wonder why they are like that. Erotic actress? She’s just an actress. One night stand? Who cares! Love can begin in any way. On live broadcast, she encourages her daughter not to run from her actions, but to take responsibility and go for the man she loves.

Yoo Mi is watching and with the support from Hyun Tae, who offers her his scooter for her to go after Jin Wook.


Jin Wook is in Seoul, and when his father calls, he declines taking the company and that he’ll go after Yoo Mi, because he can’t lose that woman. So he leaves his car and runs (there’s a bit traffic jam) while Yoo Mi rides the scooter at full speed towards the company.

He runs and gets in the company, just a few seconds before Yoo Mi does. She calls his name and he turns to her. Without a word, he just opens his arms for her and he young woman runs to him. Finally, she embraces their love and stops running away, so he can kiss her while the audience gathers around. The kitchen employees are the happiest for the young couple.

The news of them dating are out, and everyone reacts differently. I myself feel like a key piece in their love, helping them to go to each other. Miss Je Ni is by my side, and inspired by our young leads, I show my affection. Young Hyun Tae is looking for flight tickets and Announcer Hye Ri is still sad and asks Hyun Tae for drinks.

Life continues, Dong Goo’s father shows up crying in regret, Yoo Mi is still working at the university cafeteria, Jin Wook has taken the cats inside his house while he works on his relationship with his father, being more joyful and playful now that he’s with Yoo Mi. He’s started his own company, even taking his team from Daebok. But things look more promising between them, even if Chairman Cha is still reluctant to accept Yoo Mi.

Hyun Tae is going to Lima, with no set return date, for a new book. Hye Ri is conflicted, she can’t even have her own holidays as she doesn’t have days left. He asks her if when he comes back, she’ll still be his drinking partner, but she takes the reins and asks him on a date. Instead of sating yes or no, he asks her to go with him to South America. And that’s how they start dating.

Yoo Mi’s mother has gotten back with her husband and they are getting married again. The wedding is on the same resort and Yoo Mi doesn’t look so miserable this time, with Jin Wook and Dong Goo by her side. The wedding, however, goes very similar to the other, the older woman as proud of her past as before. Jin Wook is the one who covers Dong Goo’s eyes.

While the wedded couple get their pictures taken, Jin Wook wonders about his relationship with Dong Goo once they get married. They’ll be in-laws. He pulls Yoo Mi closer and tells her today is D-day.

When the wedding is over, in the empty place, Yoo Mi turns around, waiting for Jin Wook who approaches handsomely. She has flashbacks of the moments he made her heart flutter and stole kisses, as she smiles happily at him. It seems they have a very private wedding themselves.

Later, they drive along the coast, having lover’s talk that make us infer they are married now. Our final scene is them holding hands, professing their love for each other.

The epilogue shows more into the scene of Jin Wook and his father having dinner together, the good humoured mood. Then Jin Wook at the wedding, realising the bra pads belonged to Yoo Mi’s mother, and finally Jin Wook claiming how long he’d been waiting for that day, only for Yoo Mi to say she’s also been waiting.

And that's how our story ends. It was a very emotional journey, but our young lovers have found their happy ending. I personally thank all of our viewers and readers of these recaps. It was my pleasure to recap every episode for you all and provide the gif sets. It is a farewell from my part. Everyone, please be well. Keep enjoying every K-drama that catches your heart and remember to always do what you love and follow your heart.

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My Secret Romance

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