Dear Paderellas, did you enjoy this week as much as we did? Jin Wook is out to woo Yoo Mi and make his case. His wants his memories of his time with Yoo Mi to mean something and he is out to make sure she doesn’t regret them too. Can he convince Yoo Mi of his sincerity? And will anyone EVER clarify just who baby brother belongs to? Join Cici, Firnlambe and me, Wendilynn as we swoon over a certain pool kiss in this week’s episodes of My Secret Romance.

Cici: I thought I couldn’t love Sung Hoon any more, but after watching him with those kids on the playground, I feel just like the moms there. Sigh. No one has the right to look that good in a white shirt and slacks.

Firnlambe: It’s ok….I didn’t need my heart anyway //proceeds to clutch chest from the cuteness of it all//. Can we rename Jin Wook to the Pied Piper of Korea, only he uses bubbles instead of a flute?

Wendilynn: It never fails, guys playing with little kids will claim a woman’s heart every time. Although, I felt sorry for him when he was on slide duty. Helping kids up a jungle gym is a tougher workout than arm day at the gym. Lol

Cici: Your pity is wasted. He accomplished three things at once: great workout; all the kids love him; and all the moms will gladly welcome him back any time he wants to go to the park--with or without Dong Goo! Plus he had to have been favorably impressing Yoo Mi. That and the pool kiss should have won her over completely. The only one not impressed was Dad, apparently.

Firnlambe: Ugh, Dad…..I’m not looking forward to the drama he is going to bring to the table. Granted it doesn’t help that no one will admit to what Dong Goo’s relationship is with Yoo Mi. Which is suuuuuuper frustrating, there is no logical explanation as to WHY she is keeping that hidden.

Wendilynn: I don’t get it. I just don’t get what she’s so embarrassed about. Is it that her mom is an older woman who gave birth to a baby so late in life? Is it really her hidden love child? WHAT THE HELL!!!! They need to give us a decent reason why she won’t clarify who baby brother is. Do I actually think it's their love child? No, I don’t, there is no way she’d allow her child to be raised by THAT mother. But why won’t she just call him her baby brother? What’s the big deal?

Cici: The only good thing about her secrecy is that it has allowed Jin Wook to assume that the child might be his, with all the ensuing cuteness. It has also allowed him to think seriously, for the first time, about the possibility of having a family. And if Yoo Mi had any doubts about his sincerity, the way he treats her family should have completely erased them. The flip side is that now Creeper Dad is convinced Dong Goo is his illegitimate grandchild, and is going to try his best to split them up. At least, for once, it’s not the evil potential mother-in-law that offers an envelope of money to make the undesirable girl disappear!

MSRe9  payoff.jpg

Firnlambe: Yeah, that confrontation at the cafe is gonna be a bitch. I just hope Jin Wook stays strong and helps Yoo Mi cope with the pressure dad is going to press on her. I saw tears from our OTP in the teaser so I'm sure it won't be easy.

Wendilynn: Dad’s going to make a right nuisance of himself. After all, he wants Nosey Chick as his daughter-in-law. Not realizing she’s the worst social climber after his son. Although, they tried to get me to feel sorry for her, but I just didn’t buy the tears. She’s a spoiled brat and now she’s going to be a revengeful spoiled brat. And Dad and Jin Wook jumping to conclusions isn’t going to help. I do have to hand it to Author boy, he reacted much better than I was expecting.

Cici: Wasn’t it a sharp contrast between Hyun Tae and Hye Ri’s reactions to the conversation they overheard? Hyun Tae is all, Let’s not get in the way of their relationship, and Hye Ri is out for blood any way she can get it. Not that Jin Wook is going to be dissuaded by her. Some people just can’t get the hint that what they have been fantasizing about is never going to happen.

MSRe9  right thing.jpg

Firnlambe: Miss Nosey was annoying before, but now there’ll be no living with her after this. She is going to be a terror. I appreciate the contrast between our second lead’s reactions though. That was a nice touch. I have a lot more respect and sympathy for Hyun Tae now. I still think it’s his own damn fault due to lack of motivation, but he’s being so /adult/ about the situation I can’t help but feel for him.

Wendilynn: That’s part of his problem, he doesn’t know when to be impulsive. Which for him should have been years ago. Once Yoo Mi had sex on that beach, her heart was owned by Jin Wook. I loved that Jin Wook took the risk to let her know that he’s never forgotten her and that she still owns his heart. There was so much adorable goodness this week that my heart just couldn’t take it. Those pool scenes were the best.

Cici: I was wondering when we were going to get to that, lol. This couple has so much chemistry, just the hint of a kiss makes my heart flutter. And there was a whole lot more than a hint to those kisses. Whew!

Firnlambe: It was nice to see Yoo Mi actually /respond/ to the kiss this time. No more shocked stiff lip locks. //tosses confetti in the air// I adore this OTP so much. It’s clear that they depend on each other much more than they would like to admit.

Wendilynn: The chemistry between these two is rather good. They get all sorts of adorable with each other that just makes you melt. Now, if we could just clear up the situation with little brother. Stupid unnecessary miscommunication.

Cici: True, but in the meantime there have been some screamingly funny scenes. Back at the pool, when Jin Wook had to whisper to the life guards to Go!, I almost died. And when he was in Yoo Mi’s apartment perusing her books and videos, and discovered that her MOM was the actress in the old classic porn tape, I almost fell off my chair. I really appreciate the comic scenes, because I just know that next week is going to get all kinds of dramatic.

Wendilynn: I’m so glad he already knows about mom. That way Nosey Chick can’t throw him any curves. 

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