Whether you are digging the typical “bad guy” Sung Hoon or sweet bestie Kim Jae Yung, we know Song Ji Eun will eventually fall for the lead in My Secret Romance. Here are 7 facts about Sung Hoon and Song Ji Eun that’ll make you cheer for them to fall in love faster!

1. Sung Hoon is not his real name

Sung Hoon was born "Bang In Kyu" and changed his name to "Bang Sung Hoon."

2. Sung Hoon was a professional swimmer

No wonder he looks so gorgeous, right? Sung Hoon is 6’1” and broad-shouldered.

Sung Hoon quit swimming after an injury. Sung Hoon’s Korean fan club is called "Poseidon," and the Japanese one is called "Mermaid Japan."

3. Sung Hoon aced his first audition

Out of 1,000 men who auditioned, Sung Hoon got the lead role in New Tales of Gisaeng. Sung Hoon recalls he was surprised by passing the first audition ever. After New Tales of Gisaeng, Sung Hoon played a second male lead in Birth of a Family, where he got so popular that he became the lead!

4. Song Ji Eun stalked Park Seo Joon in Shut Up Family

Song Ji Eun cameoed as a high school student who stalks Park Seo Joon in the 2012 sitcom.

To find out more about Sung Hoon, watch our live hangout with him!

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5. Song Ji Eun woke up with a puffy face and this happened

Her name was one of the popular keywords on Naver on July 3, 2015. She appeared with a puffy face and people thought she had plastic surgery! She was up early to film Music Bank and was feeling a little stick, Jieun later clarified.

Later that day, a fan asked, “Noona, I have a question. Why are you so pretty these days?”

Jieun answered, “I get ugly in the mornings. I almost got sulky today.”

6. Song Ji Eun almost debuted with Sistar's Hyorin and EXID's Hani

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“I used to train (in JYP Entertainment) with Hyorin, Hani, and Uji. I know how talented they are, so I cheer for them whenever I seem them on music channels,” Jieun said.

7. Song Ji Eun’s Mr. Right is Lee Kwang Soo

Secret's Song Ji Eun and Untouchable's Sleepy

Jieun explains, “I focus on personality the most when I see a person. I can’t daresay I know Lee Kwang Soo sunbae’s personality perfectly, but based on what I’ve seen on TV and heard, I think he is a nice and considerate person.”

Whether to Lee Kwang Soo or not, Jieun won’t marry until she is 35 though. “I plan to challenge myself in ballad singing, composing, and playing in a musical,” Jieun explained. “If I repeat these patterns, I think I’ll turn 35 very soon.”

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