Chae Ro Woon is on the war path to expose her reluctant Boss for who he really is, but she’s confused between prejudice and what’s happening before her. Eun Hwan Ki is torn between his debilitating social anxiety and doing what is best for his people. A disaster will finally open their eyes and maybe help these two get on the same page. Join Cici, Janet and me, Wendilynn as we discuss these episodes of My Shy Boss.

Wendilynn: She’s got that “psychopath” label so firmly attached to Hwan Ki that she can’t see what’s happening before her eyes.

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Cici: It’s a common mistake, especially when someone's behavior fits a stereotype--at least on the surface. But when you’re dealing with someone who you suspect is guilty of causing your sister’s suicide, wouldn’t you want to gather actual evidence rather than just base your actions on assumptions? Meanwhile, she’s so focused on getting at Hwan Ki, she is completely oblivious to the red flags Woo Il is tossing up.

Wendilynn: She is blind to Woo Il, but she thinks the danger comes from Hwan Ki. I thought it was telling when Hwan Ki confronted Woo Il about his selfish way of getting people to do things for him by pretending they are doing him a favor. While they are best friends, and letting Woo Il be the face has been convenient, we are given evidence that Hwan Ki is aware of how things went down 3 years ago. I was really surprised when Hwan Ki was sitting in her father’s barbershop chair getting a haircut or shave, one of the two.


Cici: I was totally surprised by that as well. It was kind of a comedic touch, but it made me wonder whether Hwan Ki was there to find out more about Ro Woon, or if that had been part of his normal routine for some time. One thing is clear--her dad has no idea that Hwan Ki is Ro Woon’s number one suspect in his elder daughter’s death. Because no sane person would trust him with a straight razor to their throat if he did, lol.

Wendilynn: Do you get the feeling that something happened to Mom as well? Until we saw Kim Mi Kyung playing the mom did I even realize we hadn’t seen a mother up to this point. Maybe this became a double tragedy? Hwan Ki sitting in that chair ended my confusion on how much he knew about Ro Woon. He clearly knows a lot. Just like when he was sending everyone home and already knew their addresses.

Janet:. Not only did he know the addresses, for the secretary, he took pictures of the cab driver as well as the license plate, to ensure she made it home safely.

Cici: I was wondering about Ro Woon’s mom as well, but when she paused outside her home and wondered if her mom was watching over her, I was pretty convinced that she was no longer around. We don’t know whether she abandoned the family after Ji Hye’s suicide, or whether she also died. But as far as Hwan Ki’s knowledge of his employees, it goes far deeper than just knowing their addresses. I was impressed how he deliberately chose each one to be on his team because he knew that they had special talents that were going unappreciated in the bigger company. He’s quiet, but nothing escapes his attention.

Wendilynn: Agreed. I had to smile when we learned that he picked the married Ahjumma to do the presentation because she could present the warmth and family connection his idea needed. It showed that he was very deliberate in what he does, even if it's hard to tell what he’s doing. I don’t blame his people for feeling like boats without a rudder.

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Cici: I realize that a lot of his problem with communicating is for dramatic effect, but I really do wonder why he doesn’t explain himself more, even if it’s through emails. His team would feel so much more confident if he could just share his vision with them. And it would help prevent Woo Il from taking all the glory for Hwan Ki’s brilliant ideas.

Janet: He also has a problem communicating by email, maybe only in a personal nature, as we saw when he tried to fire/terminate Ro Woon.

Wendilynn: Well, he is the king of overthinking it. It can take him 20 minutes of self-doubt to just say “I don’t like black coffee”. Lol, I think the team forcing him to stand in front of that crowd will be a turning point for him. I hope. Of course, learning even more about how traumatic his childhood was, just makes me feel for him more. But, the team also has to come to grips that their boss is not capable of being the superstar rich brat they thought he was.


Cici: I keep having flashbacks to Protect the Boss. It didn’t help that the man who had the cameo of the actor/dad also played the father in PTB.

Wendilynn: I have always liked that actor ever since PTB. But even in PTB, he was a loving dad, where we don’t have that for Hwan Ki. I really have to hand it to this show in how they handled that Father/child storyline. No shocked faces, no judgment, just respect for privacy and a loving parent doing the best they could in a situation they didn’t really understand well.

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Cici: Yes. It was completely heart-warming. And I loved Hwan Ki’s protective response. He was willing to take flack in order to maintain his client’s privacy. His protective nature was also revealed when he saw the Ramen King putting the moves on Ro Woon. Ewww, that was creepy. But I shouted out loud when he nailed the guy with the squash ball, then excused it by saying that he always made mistakes when he was in front of people. That. Was. Awesome.


Wendilynn: With the tennis abuse, I can see why he can’t play with others and why he’d be so skilled in that particular game. I loved when he nailed that slimeball. I have to wonder though if that slime thinks he got revenge by watching him freeze on that stage.

Cici: I found it interesting to compare Hwan Ki’s and Woo Il’s responses to Slimeball. Hwan Ki was straight up not wanting to do business with him, and Woo Il was falling all over himself to pay the guy’s hospital fees and retain the “privilege” of making a presentation in an attempt to get the account. Woo Il even came right out and told Hwan Ki that he was willing to do the dirty work to make the business a success, while Hwan Ki wants to hold everyone to a much higher standard.

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Janet:. I still get bad vibes from Woo II - he gets too much pleasure from making Hwan Ki squirm. Using Ro Woon as his “secret weapon” is just too creepy. Against whom? Or what? And now he marrying into the family as well? If he can't get the company one way, then he has a backup plan.

Wendilynn: Yeah, alarms were going off in my head about that as well. As soon as they started talking about being engaged and then you saw Woo Il and the sister at that performance that Big sister was missing. Did their engagement happen 3 years ago, maybe?

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Cici: I suspect he was leading Big Sister on while secretly dating Hwan Ki’s little sister. If he actually had an affair with Ji Hye and then told her that it wasn’t going to go anywhere because he had bigger plans, that might explain her suicide. That he was involved with her in some way was something Hwan Ki was aware of, and that’s why he feels so protective of Ro Woon. He doesn’t want history to repeat itself.

Wendilynn: Just a plain affair doesn’t really explain a suicide, though. There had to be more going on. I would say a possible pregnancy but wouldn’t that have come out during the medical examination afterward? I think Ro Woon would be even on more of a war path then she already is. As it was, when she got to see Hwan Ki be humiliated at the presentation, she felt bad for him instead of vindicated.

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Janet: My gut feeling was that a pregnancy was involved, but no proof has turned up yet. A woman who cares about her sister to send flowers to her and loan her brand-new shoes doesn't seem so depressed or irrational that she would commit suicide at the spur of the moment.

Cici: Well, if there was a medical report that showed she was pregnant, and Woo Il was the responsible party, he was definitely in a position to keep that information from going public. Ooooh, the plot thickens!

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Wendilynn: The family would have gotten a hold of that first, I think. But then, who knows. We know that Hwan Ki was on the scene right away after the jump. In either case, this plot keeps thickening and I for one am glad that Ro Woon FINALLY has a clue about his social anxiety. She is drunk so might not remember what she is saying, but at least she is saying it. 

Has Ro Woon finally figured out what is wrong with her very shy boss or is she too drunk to remember? Can Hwan Ki break free of his fear to become the leader they need?  Only time will tell. 

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