Han Chae Ah's happy news just keeps coming!

The My Shy Boss actress recently revealed through social media that she is expecting her first baby with her fiance. In a detailed message on Instagram, the glowing 34 year-old star thanked her fans for their support, announced her pregnancy and promised to continue with her acting career.

“Recently, I made the promise to be with the person I love forever. As marriage is an important matter, we carefully came to the decision after having lots of discussion for a long time. Thanks to the congratulatory messages from many people, each day has felt joyful like a gift. During these joyful days, another gift of a new life came to me. I have become a mother-to-be in my sixth week," Han happily wrote and posted a photo of herself in front of a lovely bouquet of pink flowers.

She added, "As it is a new life that suddenly came to me while preparing for marriage, it feels like an even greater blessing. I am cautious about everything as it is still a stage where I have to be careful, but as it is happy news, I decided to write this to first share the news with the people who support me.I would be thankful if you could give warm blessings. I will work hard to become a good actress and good person who can give back to your blessings. Thank you.”

Last month, Han Chae Ah and her fiance, Cha Se Jji, announced they planned to wed on May 6. The pair, who started dating a year ago, are putting together a private wedding ceremony with only family and close friends attending. The groom is the son and brother of retired professional soccer players.

A double congratulations!

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