Can anyone out there identify with being shy? When does being shy become a paralyzing affliction? For Eun Hwan Ki, that shyness has grown to the point that it prevents him from noticing what’s really going on and doing the right thing at the right time. Come join Wendilynn, Janet, and me, Cici, as we discuss the introductory episodes of My Shy Boss.


My Shy Boss

Starring Yeon Woo Jin and Park Hye Soo

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Wendilynn: I have to admit, this show was not what I was expecting. I was sort of just expecting this to be a fluff drama, but that suicide at the beginning threw me off.


Janet: Me too, especially when it wasn't explained.

Cici: Well, it certainly grabbed my attention, but I immediately wondered what I’d gotten myself in for. I thought I knew the basic premise of the story, but I wasn’t prepared for something this heavy. I’m grateful that the first two episodes did a pretty good job of clearing up the back story and introducing the characters, though.

Wendilynn: When Ro Woon gets into Hwan Ki’s apartment and starts going through it, I could NOT believe it. I was like, what’s wrong with her? Fortunately they do explain her very bizarre behavior. However, who pulls on a person to see their face? Even if you think they are a murdering psychopath? I had a serious problem with her doing that. Especially as she couldn’t seem to tell that her CEO and Delivery Boy were wearing the same freaking outfit. HELLO?!! She only pulled on it several times. Lol

Janet: I felt I missed a lot of episode one trying to figure out everyone's relationship. Especially trying to figure out how the suicide fell into the scheme of things. Episode 2 did explain, but I didn't like having to wait for it.

Cici: I agree. Looking back, there were clues, like the psychiatrist and Hwang Ki’s parents referring to “the incident that happened three years ago”


But it wasn’t spelled out what that incident was till episode two. So I’m wondering, has Hwan Ki realized that the girl who committed suicide was Ro Woon’s sister? Is that why he’s been sending her flowers and trying to take care of her? Was he the one who hired her to work at his company, and if so, why was he surprised that she quit performing?

Wendilynn: I think he knows the girl performer is a sister of the girl who committed suicide, and I think following up on the flowers thing brought her to his notice. But he doesn’t seem to have really connected the dots that she’s also the very nosy employee. Maybe. They made that comment during the new employee dinner that she got a special pass into the company for being a performer. So I’m not sure what they are telling us. What I was able to figure out is that whatever happened to force big sister to jump involved our potential bad guy President Kang Woo Il. He may be the face of the company, and he clearly wants what Hwan Ki doesn’t, but I’m not sure if I can call him dastardly yet.

Janet: I think I can. He clearly had a hand in the suicide is the vibe I got. And he takes every chance to reinforce Hwan Ki’s complex. He just isn't my idea of a helpful friend.

Cici: I was suspicious, but I wasn’t really sure till he kept Hwan Ki from facing the reporters and brought in the secretary. The way she got dragged in, then read from a prepared script, made it /look/ like she was lying, even when she told the truth. And the way Woo Il talked Hwan Ki into stepping down and letting him take over his CEO position was pretty evil. He admits to being poor, “without hope of inheriting anything,” but he sure knows how to manipulate both Hwan Ki and his father. And when he mentioned how Hwan Ki kept his secret three years ago, I was pretty sure at that point that he had everything to do with sister’s suicide.

Wendilynn: I also hadn’t been thinking he was potentially trying to take the company until that conversation they had. But we also know that Hwan Ki doesn’t want the company either, so is it really stealing? And his Dad was involved in the press conference stuff, so is he really a bad guy? I”m thinking he is, but I’m willing to be wrong. I’m just amused that Ro Woon thinks Hwan Ki’s a murdering psychopath. That whole radish kimchi segment was really funny. Not funny for the poor secretary, but funny that they played with the murdering boss angle for a moment.

Janet. I have a problem with Hwan Ki’s “affliction” for lack of a better word. For someone so afraid of being looked at, he seems to be in public an awful lot without having issues. Buying flowers, delivering them backstage, sitting in the audience. It just wasn't all that believable to me.

Cici: I think he acknowledges that he has a problem, but he’s trying really hard to overcome it. He’s working with a psychologist, who encourages him to make contact with the girl he admires and tell her he’s her fan. I’m an introvert, so I know how hard it can be to put yourself out there. But he really has it bad.


Cici: I have to kind of admire him for the little attempts he’s made to get out of his room, even though they usually end badly. When he went and took flowers to the secretary in the hospital, that was huge. But he still really relies on both the hat and hood to keep his identity a secret and avoid eye contact.

Wendilynn: I also bought the extreme anxiety. He was clearly in therapy mode trying to overcome it. He kept mentioning that he didn’t want to cause the same problem to his current secretary that he caused to older sister, making her vulnerable to whatever caused her to jump. He clearly sees himself partly responsible. Which is why he made the current secretary lunch and then chickened out. What I don’t understand is why Ro Woon can’t tell that the same outfit she’s been chasing is the same guy in delivery mode. He’s wearing the same darn thing. All. The. Time! Lol

Janet. Just trying to organize some thoughts.. Like why drag the doctor to the park to talk behind walls, why not sit in the office to talk? He seems okay talking to Woo II. And when did all this start? Would his father have given him the company if he was that unfit?

Cici: Oooo, don’t get me started on the father. That is one mean SOB. I don’t think Hwan Ki’s problem just started when big sis committed suicide, because he had trouble talking to her before that. So I have to assume that he’s been bullied by his dad most of his life. Giving him the company would be his father’s way of forcing him to “man up”, but there’s no way he’s ever been able to live up to his father’s expectations. He acts like a dog who’s been beaten. That’s affected every relationship he’s had, with the possible exception of Woo Il. He can’t look anyone in the eye, and tries to make himself invisible even when he has to go out. But Wendilynn, I’m with you. How can Ro Woon /not/ recognize him and make the connection? She saw /a lot/ of him in that penthouse, lol.


Wendilynn: Yeah she did. *chuckles* That dad was something else. After the tennis abuse and the spa scene, Hwan Ki’s social problems made perfect sense to me. Woo Il is a trusted companion he’s probably known since they were kids so he’s a comfort. We may be suspicious but that Hwan Ki can talk to him face to face says a lot about how trusted that relationship has been. A trust that doesn’t extend to the girl trying to ruin him. She’s so convinced that he’s a selfish chaebol heir that she’s got total blinders on. That’s probably why she can’t recognize him when he’s in his black clothing because she is just not expecting a rich snob to dress like an everyday person. There is quite a lot of prejudice on display among the employees about him. That Ro Woon thinks she can be judge and jury in her anger and carelessly destroy lives in her blindness needs to change soon or I”m not going to like her much.

Janet. I don't feel that the employees are prejudiced against Hwan Ki as much as ignorant. When you don't know, you tend to fill in the blanks and make up stories.

Cici: I think Woo Il is behind a lot of the misconceptions that have been started among the employees. He’s a sneaky one. He takes great care to set up situations like employee dinners and parties that he /knows/ Hwan Ki would have great difficulty attending, but when the employees complain about his absence, he tells them that’s his friend they’re talking about, and to stop. All that just increases his own image while further fostering the misconceptions about Hwan Ki. Wendilynn, I’m not as generous as you. I think he’s a really bad guy.

So, I’ll stop bashing Woo Il long enough to mention my appreciation for the shower scene in the first episode.


And was anyone else surprised by Kim Junsu’s cameo? Hooray for cameos!!


But after that, I was almost convinced that the psychiatrist was being played by Joan Cusack!


Wendilynn: That shower scene was nice. Yeon Woo Jin is a very handsome man. I actually got the Joan Cusack vibe not only from the Therapist but also that crazy older lady employee. The one who did the death attack for the newbies if they went up to the penthouse. Lol

Janet. Yes to the shower scene. Don't know how his dad could say he was soft because he didn't play outdoor sports.

Cici: Nope, that body didn’t look soft to me. So let’s hope he can toughen up emotionally and overcome his problems like the hero we want him to be.

Well, viewers, this drama is shaping up to be a lot more than just romantic fluff. What has intrigued you the most, and what questions do you want answered? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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