The secrets are all out and our players are learning that it didn’t destroy them. Woo Il and Yi Soo find new peace and freedom now that they aren’t hiding from themselves. Hwan Ki has learned that he can’t protect them from themselves and instead just loves them as they are. And he just might get all that he ever wanted for his trouble. Join Cici, Janet and me, Wendilynn as we discuss this week’s new developments.

Cici: Finally! Woo Il finds the courage to confess his responsibility in the suicide to not only Yi Soo and her parents, but to Ro Woon’s father as well. It must have been so hard, but such a relief! I’m sure everyone wishes he had done so three years ago!

Wendilynn: I have to admit, Dad took this way better than I thought he would. I’ve yet to see him behave as a human being, but when he found out about Yi Soo, he actually showed us a little heart. Maybe, just maybe, he will realize the damage he’s caused everyone and how we got to this sad point.


Cici: I thought Yi Soo’s confession was handled well. The way she explained the basis of her current and past problems to her parents was heart-rending but so sincere. She’s growing and learning to take responsibility and letting others do the same. And she’s finally realized that she can’t hold on to Woo Il without honesty. Or maybe at all.

Janet:. I get the feeling that there is unfinished business between the two of them, and now that they can be honest, there may be a future for them yet.

Wendilynn: Agreed. They were both suffering from the belief that they were the reason for Big Sister’s suicide and that caused a huge rift between them. But now that they know there are no more secrets, they can stop hiding from each other. I think that even if they never get together romantically, they will always love each other as siblings.


Cici: I’m still hoping their relationship has a chance to grow. It may well be that Yi Soo telling Woo Il that she’s willing to let him go will be the catalyst to starting a real romantic relationship. They are both growing emotionally. But in all honesty, Yeon Jung is still the coolest, most mature member of the whole group. I love every scene she’s in.

Janet: Agree one hundred percent with you. She was never involved in the drama of the suicide so she was able to grow and mature as any adult would. She has seen a lot of life and is capable of making mature observations and decisions. I love how she interacts with Ro Woon.

MSBe14  Yeon rocks.jpg

Wendilynn: Korean dramas usually make Yeon Jung’s character a petty spiteful witch. I’m also glad that she’s been the coolest character. I love how she got Ro Woon thinking of Valentine’s Day and finagled that “date” at the museum. Watching Hwan Ki yearn for Ro Woon just sucks me in every time.

Cici: I thought it was hilarious how Yeon Jung tracked Ro Woon down to the sauna and convinced her to go back to work, and Hwan Ki. She has to constantly remind Ro Woon that if she doesn’t take Hwan Ki, she’ll be more than happy to. Of course, she realizes that Ro Woon is the one that Hwan Ki is in love with, but a little push never hurts. She’s like the ideal combination of big sister, best friend, and rival. And getting Ro Woon to return to work is the thing that enables Hwan Ki to finally come out of his shell and assume more of a leadership role there.

Janet:. And pull off another coup with his handling of Bravo Beer. Even Woo Il’s team is gaining an appreciation for him.


Cici: I’m actually glad that Hwan Ki hasn’t really changed his style of communication much. He’s still most comfortable with meeting a couple of people at a time, rather than making a dramatic presentation to a whole group. But when he does meet with members of Woo Il’s team, he’s able to point out their strengths and let them take ownership of the project. That’s really good management.

Janet: So, I do have a question about the guy that was pushing Ro Woo to get revenge. WHO IS HE? Did I miss his relationship? He obviously knows the family, but it seems he has his own agenda.


Wendilynn: He’s the journalist Ro Woon has been working with. Clearly, they are close friends somehow. I also like that Hwan Ki is learning how to make his shyness work as a management style. He still knows that he needs Woo ll, but to find how to make things work is huge for him.

Cici: Well, things are winding up, with only one more week to go. I still love the chemistry between Ro Woon and Hwan Ki, and I’m relieved that his relationships with both Woo Il and Yi Soo seem to be progressing to a healthier level. But I have to say, what I loved most about these episodes is the necklace that Hwan Ki so cleverly gave Ro Woon. Can I please have one, too?


Wendilynn: That necklace is adorable. Totally my style, too. Can I mention that I love these uber gentlemen that kdramas give us? I know that it’s a fantasy, but I love it all the same.

Janet: If we can find them, we can be the Three Musketeers with our matching jewelry! If we get the matching Uber gentlemen, bonus!

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