Hwan Ki is working hard to become a more approachable boss but he’s still running into stumbling blocks. Ro Woon’s new resolution to help Hwan Ki doesn’t help him as much as he needs it to. Woo Il now knows who Ro Woon is and he wants her gone before his guilt eats him alive, but it's not going to help him repair his ruined relationships. Join Cici, Janet and I, Wendilynn as we explore these new steps in helping Hwan Ki take control of his life in these episodes of My Shy Boss.

Cici: I’m a little frustrated. Just when I think Hwan Ki has made some real strides in being able to speak up in front of others, he goes back to square one. At least in public. Apparently, Ro Woon has helped him come out of his shell more than she had realized, though. Can we just skip to the end and fangirl over that kiss?

Janet: We’ll get there! But in the meantime, Hwan Ki has to decide exactly what he wants and how badly he wants it!

Wendilynn: Well, he now trusts his team and they have all learned that he doesn’t hate them, I think. So that makes it easier, or safer, for him to open up to them. I like that Ro Woon realized that he is always listening to them, even if he is not responding appropriately. I liked watching Sun Bong open up and share his ideas on the movie theater. He’s been an unlikeable character up to this point and I really liked him here.


Cici: I’d agree that he’s been unlikable, but once again I was impressed with how Hwan Ki could understand him, and encourage him in exactly the right way to get him to be productive rather than a sarcastic naysayer. That theater presentation was pretty cute, and when the team dressed up as zombies and scared the patrons on opening night, I had a flashback to Goblin, lol. It was great to see the team beat Woo Il’s snooty group, too.

Janet: Agreed! I got a sense of disappointment from Woo Il, almost as if he was waiting for the failure and was disappointed when it succeeded.

Wendilynn: I get the impression that Woo Il is slowly self-destructing. He’s pushing away the people who do love him because I’m thinking he hasn’t forgiven himself for what happened 3 years ago. And let's be real, Hwan Ki hasn’t forgiven him either. I know that we all sort of want them to fix their relationship, but at this point, it might be healthier if Woo Il walks away and starts over. Getting away from that toxic father would be a good start.


Cici: I was having a hard time understanding why Woo Il is so terrified of Ro Woon, and the possibility of her figuring out that he was the one who hurt her sister. Yes, he had a one-night stand when he was already engaged. Yes, he hurt someone and she committed suicide. But it’s been three years! Would coming clean really be that bad? Oh, wait...PsychoDad. Yep. Got it.

Janet: I think part of it comes back to the perfect son, fiance, friend, CEO. He can’t admit to any failure because the life that he has build would come tumbling down. Granted, he is starting to try some changes when he decides to move out, but will it really happen?

Wendilynn: Both parents are looney. And we now know sister isn’t right in the head either. The more I see of what happened 3 years ago, I don’t think either boy is at fault. Once sister was willing to walk in front of the car to keep Woo Il, and we know she overheard the conversation on the stairs, I’m thinking she also did something. Woo Il does have abandonment issues and that makes him desperate to please in a way. And now that Hwan Ki is waking up, that does sort of shake Woo Il’s place in the world. And with Psychodad’s callous abuse/use of him for selfish reasons, he’d dump Woo Il in a heartbeat. Really, Psychodad’s gall is truly stunning.


Cici: Did anyone else catch that Yi Soo had been self-harming for some time and that Hwan Ki was the only one who knew about it? He’s good at keeping other people’s secrets, but I think it’s wearing on him. It’s a complicated mess of relationships when he feels the need to protect Woo Il, Ro Woon, Yi Soo, and everyone on his team. But he wants to stand on his own, too. I really can’t see how Woo Il is going to escape unless he either comes clean or gets hit by a white truck of doom.

Janet: Somehow I think Woo Il will walk away from it all to work at the orphanage, Yi Soo will take over as CEO of the company and Hwan Ki and Ro Woon will live happily ever after, after they expose Psycho dad. One can only dream. LOL

Wendilynn: I wish. I like that we are at the point where everyone has to examine why they are doing what they are doing. Why is Ro Woon staying? Why is Woo Il not walking away? Can Hwan Ki really let Ro Woon quit to save his friend? Of course, after that kiss… I think the answer to that is a loud NO!! Lol

MSBe10  why.jpg

Cici: I would love it if Woo Il followed his heart and went to work at the orphanage. What a great idea! I think Yi Soo is more damaged than she lets on, and could really benefit from a break from her toxic family. Maybe she could go study abroad? That’s a pretty common solution in Kdrama land. And Hwan Ki desperately needs to succeed at a full-scale presentation before leaving the company, just so he knows he can do it. Maybe concentrating on just seeing Ro Woon will be the answer. And I’d have to agree, after that kiss, she’s not going anywhere!

Janet: I know I sure as heck wouldn’t! Maybe now that is suit is wet and he gets into more comfortable attire, he won’t have as many “new” experiences thrust at him and he can concentrate on Ro Woon and the presentation.

Wendilynn: Just how comfortable do we want him getting? *wink wink nudge nudge* We have one more couple who needs to learn to let go. Our fake couple. Se Jong needs to let Ro Woon go and Gyo Ri desperately needs to believe she’s worth it. My heart was breaking every time Gyo Ri would doll herself up more and more to please Se Jong and I just wanted to punch him.

Cici: I have never had much tolerance for anyone who uses someone to make another person jealous. It’s just mean, and I will stand in line behind you to punch him in the face. Or you punch, and I’ll kick. Although it would be better if Gyo Ri did it. Having the courage to put him in his place is, ironically, the only thing that will ever make him actually see her as worthy.

Janet: Talk about the spoiled rich kid! Now that everyone knows who he is, his true colors are coming out and I for one hope Gyo Ri realizes she deserves better. And if not, you two can hold Se Jong up while I finish him off with a left hook!

Can Hwan Gi find the courage to give the presentation to keep Ro Woon at Silent Monster, or will he let her go and pursue her in a more healthy manner?   Will Woo Il finally crack under the pressure of a life he doesn't want but can't let go of? 

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