If you thought things were moving a little too slowly, well, this week’s episodes made of for that. Let’s just say everyone’s gotten a lot closer. From all the members of the Silent Monster Team to an ex-girlfriend and even Woo Il, /everyone/ has learned about a side of Hwan Ki that he’s managed to keep under wraps all this time. Join Janet, Wendilynn, and me, Cici, as we fan-girl over the chemistry that has suddenly gone off the charts.

Cici: So, love is in the air, and it has had an amazing effect on Hwan Ki. But is it Ro Woon or his charming ex, Yeon Jung, who has brought about this change? Or is it the sudden care and support from his Team members?

Wendilynn: I liked when Hwan Ki was giving his presentation and talked about how you just need one person to listen to you to make everything better and for him, that person is Ro Woon. Although, clearly Yeon Jung is no slouch and is also a person who can see the truth. I loved how she recognized right away that Ro Woon has Hwan Ki’s heart. Can we have all future cat fights be as cute as these two girls were? From the hospital to getting drunk, that was just so much fun to watch.


Janet: As you said, Yeon Jung is very perceptive and she also realized Hwan Ki and Ro Woon both need a little push to admit their attraction for each other - what better than a little rivalry?

Cici: I may have my first ever second-lead-syndrome for a female character. Yeon Jung really understands Hwan Ki, and she’s not afraid to set Woo Il straight about why Hwan Ki is keeping him around. She really sees Hwan Ki’s tender, protective side.


Cici: I also appreciated finally getting to know just why Hwan Ki began wearing the hood everywhere. It was kind of sad how his attempt to impress Yeon Jung with a song and dance routine on stage imitating her idol crush, Hyun Jin Young, could go so wrong. But what he thought was a private performance turned out to be in front of her friends as well. He was humiliated, when all she was trying to do was show him off and stake her claim to him. Such miscommunication became the reason why he was too embarrassed to ever contact her again, and the reason why he could never go out in public without his hoodie. Sigh. She really hit the nail on the head when she said that holding back when you want to say something is not only unfair to yourself, but to others as well.

Wendilynn: She was correct in that. There was so much adorableness in these two episodes. I was really struck with how much love Hwan Ki and Dad have for Ro Woon. Ro Woon is only now starting to see it. I”m glad she was able to recognize it. Those two men care for her so much. Hwan Ki also really loves Woo Il and Yi Soo. That boy’s heart is so good. How he’s been able to survive with only a social phobia when we’ve seen what’s happening to his sister is truly amazing.

Cici: Speaking of adorable, I loved how hard Hwan Ki tries to set appropriate limits, and how hard it is for him not to go over the line he has drawn. And Ro Woon's response is priceless. They really are adorable together.


Janet: I am a little confused as to why Ro Woon’s father would remove all her pictures of her sister and her mother - the flowers I can understand, but why her memories of her family?

Wendilynn: It’s something you see in Korean dramas. This idea that if you can just forget about it, then you won’t suffer anymore. Its his way of trying to help her move on. It never works, but for some reason, the idea is pushed.


Cici: I love how Dad’s sidekicks are the first to realize that his “regular customer” is just coming around to be close to Ro Woon, and that he’s also the Pervert Garbage Thief and the Pervert Clean Freak. I laughed so hard at that. Like, how does taking out the trash and sweeping the stairs make him a pervert? But it was cute how Ro Woon came to realize that Hwan Ki was Mr. Smith, and that he’d been such tender care of her for the past three years.

Janet: All I can say, if that is what constitutes a pervert, where do I get one???

Wendilynn: Bwhahahahahahaha!!! Right? I always wonder why they think of the most twisted explanation instead of just thinking someone is being nice? And watching how wonderfully Hwan Ki has watched over Ro Woon, her Dad, Woo Il and Yi Soo, can we nominate him for something yet? That boy deserves an award.

Cici: Indeed. And all while looking incredibly hot. That new hairdo Dad gave him...sigh. But I have to say, I’m most proud of him for confronting Woo Il and telling him that it’s time for him to confess to what he did, and beg for forgiveness properly. He doesn't want him to give up everything, but he knows telling the truth is the only way to make things right. 

Janet: But, in his “all-knowing” way, how much does Hwan Ki know about his sister’s part in everything that happened three years ago? By protecting Woo Il, was he also protecting his sister? Maybe she needs to seek some forgiveness, too. Then she can forgive herself.

Wendilynn: I don’t think Hwan Ki or Woo Il know that little sister was involved. At least at this point. I knew she had to have been the last straw to push Big Sister over the edge, but Yi Soo’s very real suicide threat if Big Sister didn’t disappear was really extreme. I admit I gasped out loud at that point. I’m not sure why Big Sister felt that her own suicide would keep Yi Soo alive, but maybe there is one more clue we haven’t seen yet. All I know is that Big Sister was really shaken up after Yi Soo cut her own wrist with the eyebrow knife right in front of her.


Cici: I was so disappointed. Here I really liked Yi Soo, even if she is a bit pathetic. That girl really needs some professional help. I’ve been hoping that some deplorable action on the part of PsychoDad was the final push for Big Sis. Please tell me that there’s still hope! Or at least distract me with a quick jump to the final make-out scene!

Janet: Well, as they say, “Hope springs eternal”, so there is still a chance for you! In the meantime, the make out scene was, how shall I say it, hot!


Wendilynn: I have loved these kisses. The second one was just as good as the shower kiss. Hwan Ki is so loving and adorable and you can FEEL that so much. So when he kisses Ro Woon you are totally invested. *sigh*


Cici: Must be why Passionate Kisses has been taking over my internal playlist ever since I saw that scene, right? And on that “note” we’ll be waiting, impatiently, for next week! 

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