Finally. The members of Hwan Ki’s team are starting to understand and appreciate him, as well as each other. Back stories are fleshed out, the true villains are revealed, and allegiances are shifted. Join Cici, Wendilynn, and me, Janet, as we discuss the newest developments in My Shy Boss.

Cici: I’ve just got to say, it’s a pleasure to see Hwan Ki smiling. More of that, please, writers-nim!

Wendilynn: You know, after the one week break, I was worried what these two episodes would become. There was a lot of noise over fans not liking how the story was going. But I’m really glad how these two episodes went. I really liked that they filled in the past story with big sister. I’ve changed my mind about Woo Il. I can’t consider him a villain anymore. A coward and a jerk, but it looks like his life is as tortured as Hwan Ki’s by that Father. Talk about a monster.

Janet: But Hwan Ki had enough character that he didn’t take advantage of friends and co-workers. He managed to retain his integrity.

Cici: Dad’s reaction to the leaked video of Hwan Ki’s failed presentation was completely over the top. I just wish someone had videotaped that and posted it to the Internet!


Cici: I am just so glad that the entire team, but especially Ro Woon, are beginning to realize just how hard Hwan Ki works in the background, and how much he tries to protect them. He was that way with Ro Woon’s sister, too. I loved how he noticed she needed new shoes, and got a really beautiful pair for her, before she even mentioned it. I think she was really touched.


Cici: And he is really keeping an eye on Woo Il so the tragedy of the past doesn’t repeat itself. I’m just surprised that he hasn’t objected more to Woo Il marrying his sister.

Wendilynn: I think it helps that they found his notes that Daddy-o threw all over the floor. That let them know how hard working he was. You get no argument from me that Hwan Ki has more integrity than Woo Il does. What got me was watching how long Hwan Ki has been watching over Ro Woon. I had wondered how much he really knew, but clearly, he knows everything about her and about her intentions. Makes you almost wonder if he allowed himself to be used to help her revenge.

Janet: I wondered about that also, if he was allowing himself to be used, forcing the past out into the open.

Cici: He knew she wanted revenge for her sister, but I think he realizes now that she’s past that point. Pretty clever of him to make himself just vulnerable enough that she can see his real nature.


Cici: I wonder how long it will take Ro Woon to figure out that if Hwan Ki was not the one responsible for her sister’s suicide, it had to be someone else. She’s kind of smitten with Woo Il, so it may be hard for her to believe that he was the one who hurt her sister so badly.

Wendilynn: I think the necklace will be the clue that clicks everything together. It's sort of twisted knowing that necklace was a love gift from Woo Il, but Ro Woon thinks it's the necklace her sister promised to one day buy her. Rather twisted, really.

Janet: I think that it will be her sister’s drawings that will break things open. But will her attraction to Woo Il make her more susceptible to believing his lies? Will she continue to blame Hwan Ki because she is in the habit?

Cici: At least she let Woo Il know that she doesn’t consider Hwan Ki a monster anymore.


Cici: And if Hwan Ki has anything to say about it, she won’t get many chances to spend time alone with Woo Il, which may delay the big reveal. I kind of love how much he’s fighting the idea that he’s in love with her. It’s obviously a new feeling for him, and I can see where he would confuse it with just wanting to protect her. Silly boy.

Wendilynn: He’s watched over her carefully for 3 years. That’s going to build feelings. I really liked that conversation he had with our ahjumma Yoo Hee. Telling her to stop discounting herself and use it to her advantage. He gave Ro Woon the same advice. For a guy who hides himself, he sure does see directly into a problem of authenticity.

Janet: There have been a couple of conversations that he overheard that he takes into consideration when actually speaking to his team. He is learning to explain himself and not be quite so blunt.

Cici: Yes, and in return his team is beginning to open up to him. Yoo Hee is rapidly becoming my favorite side character. She’s naturally warm, and she gives him good advice when she tells him to use Ro Woon for the next presentation. I just wish that each of the team members were aware that they weren’t dumped in their current situation because someone thought they were incompetent--Hwan Ki specifically chose them for strengths only he could see. If they just knew that, their level of confidence and willingness to participate would soar.

Wendilynn: It helps that overall Hwan Ki has a warm heart. He’s just terrified. I agree with you that once the team knows how valuable he considers them, they will all shine. Right now, most of them are feeling forgotten or thrown away. Totally valid in this situation. Speaking of shining, the failed confession is still making me laugh. Ro Woon knew what was really going on, I’m thinking, and that’s why she was laughing so hard. All things considered, that was really funny. Poor Se Jong, but the sooner he stops looking towards Ro Woon, the sooner he’ll see he’s made a conquest already in another.


Janet: I’m starting to get the impression that Woo Il is beginning to come apart - he accused Hwan Ki of hiding at the bonfire site, like he was being spied on. Maybe he understands that Hwan Ki is protecting Ro Woon, as well as the other team members.

Cici: I keep waiting for some indication that Woo Il has a guilty conscience or at least some remorse over what happened to Ro Woon’s sister, but instead he’s playing up to her obvious infatuation, just like he did to Secretary Kim. He’s a total player, whether it’s because he has an extreme need for attention as Hwan Ki says, or because he’s just a jerk. You guys may not see him as a villain, but I still do. And I’m afraid that he’d be more than willing to stab Hwan Ki in the back to secure his position in both the company and the family. His past may make his actions understandable, but to me they’re no less reprehensible.

Wendilynn: I think if he becomes desperate, I would have to agree with you. He’s a guy who feels he has nothing and won’t be keen on losing what he has now. And if Hwan Ki overcomes his intense shyness, where would that leave him as the face of the company? It's been three years since Big sister died, so I’m not expecting to see a person still wallowing in guilt, so that doesn’t throw me. But I don’t think he knows that Ro Woon is the little sister. He would stay away from her with a ten foot pole if he knew. And probably get her fired on top of it. However, Yi Soo has seen his affection for her and we know that she knows he’s not totally besotted with her. Makes me wonder what was said after Big Sister saw Yi Soo. The incident we’ve seen so far doesn’t seem enough to force her to jump.

Janet: I feel that Woo Il is amoral. He thinks he is above the law, so to speak. He does everything he can to keep Hwan Ki under his thumb, to ensure that the truth doesn’t come out. He likes having Ro Woon around to needle Hwan Ki. He is weak and manipulating.

Cici: Makes me wonder how he’d react if he could see Hwan Ki dancing in front of the crowd in his panda costume, lol. I’m just glad that Ro Woon was there to witness it. There’s hope for him yet.


What do you think? Has Hwan Ki really changed? Will he be able to finally overcome his shyness and use his kind, protective nature and sharp observation skills to become the boss his team truly needs, and the man Ro Woon deserves? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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