Hello again, and welcome back to My Unfortunate Boyfriend Drama Club. This week we are in for some honest moments that made us honestly feel everything. Join Logan and me for this honest review of My Unfortunate Boyfriend episodes 11 and 12.

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Screenshot (76).png Honest game of love

Shyloe: When HeeChul and JiNa played palinedrome game (Don't ask me to say that out loud. LOL.), it was really sweet and adorable to see an honest side of HeeChul. His facial expression shows a softness (I don't forgive him for all that he did, but let's all pretend that he isn't a major poo head for now). The subs don't show his play on words in Korean that he uses on JiNa. So it may have confused people why she was getting flustered by him saying things like, "Too bad I hid a boot." This is the real meaning behind the words he was saying:

-My lover/ wife.

-I like you/ I like this.

-Everything is pretty (you are pretty).

-Honey are you watching me.

-Honey, are you not going to look at me.

It may not all be correct or perfect, but it's to help you guys understand what he's saying...in a way.

Logan: Thanks for explaining that! I knew there was some flirting going on, but my Korean’s a little rusty. I won’t pretend that I don’t have some serious bones to pick with Hee Cheul, but I will suspend those bones for a minute and say that I did think this scene was cute. He has the world’s worst poker face, so I do believe he has some genuine feelings for Ji Na.

Shyloe: If he wasn't greedy and power hungry, he and JiNa probably would have ended up together, but he is. And it looks like he's not going to change any time soon.

Logan: After this scene I really wanted to root for Hee Cheul again. I really wanted to believe in his pure feelings for Ji Na, but not long after this he tells Hye Mi’s dad that he plans to use Ji Na to mess with Tae Woon. And for what seems like the millionth time, he betrayed our trust. I don’t think I can ever trust him again.


Nothing like alcohol to bring on the honesty.

Logan: This is the first time that JiNa has had to vocalize any feelings that she’s had towards Tae Woon, although she’s felt something for him for awhile. I love that, in true JiNa style, she admits that she likes him and tells him what a great guy she is. But she’s still greedy for the success and power that HeeCheul has, so she tells Tae Woon not to wait for her.

Shyloe: I like how she admits to him how she feels, but I think the reason she teeter totters back and forth is because HeeChul is what she imagined as her dream guy. He's good looking, rich, and has a great job. She doesn't know why she doesn't have feelings for him. I think it's hard for her to let go of the dream guy when she sees that he's no prince charming but TaeWoon is.

Logan: Oh I totally agree. She’s always wanted to become successful and so she always imagined herself with someone like HeeCheul. Her head and her heart are battling it out and at this point her head is still in control. But as soon as she thinks she’s taking care of it, TaeWoon tells her not to spend time with HeeCheul and just like that she’s conflicted again.

Shyloe: JiNa is slowly realizing what she's feeling for both of them, but she keeps denying her feelings and confusing herself even more.

Screenshot (81).png

Shyloe: It came as a surprise to me that the CEO told JiNa what he did to her father and about TaeWoon's past.

I was wrong on my theory of JiNa's father as Senator May, but I have new theory as to who Senator May is. Drum roll, please. It's the old man at the junkyard.

Back to JiNa's past, I liked how TaeWoon thought JiNa was a boy. Technicality he had his first kiss 20 years ago. I don't even want to do the math to figure out how many hours that is.

Logan: Oh, the car doctor? He did say he’s always been close to Tae Woon. That is a good theory. Little Tae Woon was so naive! Had he never seen a girl? Ji Na looked nothing like a boy to me. You’ve definitely got to give the Chairman credit. He obviously made some poor decisions in the past but he’s very upfront and honest about them. I can respect that. And he’s tried to get Ji Na’s parents forgiveness who knows how many times.

Shyloe: TaeWoon was an air head even as a child. At least we know some things never change. LOL. I can understand JiNa's father holding a grudge against the CEO, but if he was willing to reimburse JiNa's father, why is he being so stubborn? Take the money and retire so you and your wife can live an easy life for the rest of your lives.

Logan: It must be a matter of pride for Ji Na’s father. I imagine that’s where Ji Na gets it. I can’t imagine her taking the money if the same thing happened to her. No matter how much she claims to care about money, she cares about justice more. They didn’t really show whether or not she was angry at the Chairman, but it didn’t seem like it. I wonder if she understands how much he regrets his decision.

Shyloe: I think JiNa knows he's suffering from so much guilt. The decision he made that day ended up destroying a man's livelihood and dream. Then the domino effect leads to him killing his brother and sister-in-law.


If it wasn’t already obvious enough...

Logan: I loved everything about the truth game. As the title suggests there was just a flood of honesty and in a rather short amount of time we got to know a lot about our secondary characters and Team B got to know a lot about each other.

Shyloe: I like how everyone is falling in love. Even Odd Ball found someone.

And who uses hours for a counter for their first kiss rather than days. Only TaeWoon does Lol.

Logan: It’s like Tae Woon’s house is some sort of magical love epicenter. Lol. One thing I love in this scene is how sharp Manager Oh is. She senses right away that something’s going on between Ji Na and Tae Woon and so she suggests they play the truth game to get to the bottom of it. I bet she didn’t think she’d out all the other couples while she was at it.

Shyloe: *Deep sexy voice* The Garden of Love. Manager Oh was hilarious in that scene. I wished she asked more questions.



Logan: In the midst of all this honesty, there is one person who is dabbling in way too much deception. Honestly, Hee Cheul? We can tell you have some real feelings for Ji Na (again, worst poker face ever), but you’re still going to manipulate her? Honestly?

Shyloe: Not just her but a lot of people. The spy on JiNa's team, HyeMi's father, and HyeMi. HeeChul's really a piece of work, with his good boy image fooling almost everyone. At least Hyemi is noticing that he isn't the sweet Oppa that she thought he was. Instead she sees that he will lie and manipulate people as if it's nothing. Honestly HeeChul. Honestly.

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