Hello everyone and welcome back to the My Unfortunate Boyfriend Drama Club. We are nearing the end soon, and man we are just in a glass case of emotions! This week we just couldn’t control our feels and had to share them with everyone. Join Logan and me for this week’s My Unfortunate Boyfriend Drama Club!

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Happiness :D

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June: Call me cynical but I was so happy when she was not about it having Hee Chul moving her stuff, without her permission might I add! Like at least ask her first. I liked that it was kind of a step for Ji Na and knowing that she doesn’t like him back.

Logan: I was a bit nervous as to how Ji Na was going to react. I mean, she wanted to be successful and have people envious of her and the new apartment would be a step closer to that. But she proved that she’s deserving of her heroine status. She didn’t even hesitate to ream Hee Cheul, who is still her boss, out.

June: To be honest, that scene kind of restored my faith her. I felt for a while there she was way far into Hee Chul’s manipulation, I thought she’d never come back! Good for her. Fight for yourself girl!

Logan: I’ve been very proud of her throughout the drama. She’s been very accepting and kind and pushed her ambition aside in favor of love. Here it seemed like she was going to be a gold-digging social ladder-climber, but she’s turned into one of my favorite Kdrama leads of all time.


Logan: As hard as it was seeing Tae Woon leave his flower house, seeing him return to the chairman’s house brought happy tears to my eyes. They are the only family each other has and truth be told they need each other. Tae Woon did the right thing by choosing to go back.

June: Seriously, as sad as I was with him leaving his flower house but the chairman doesn't have much time left and I think he needs to create as much memories with him as he can. I agree with you, they do need each other.

Logan: It’s sad to think of the time they’ve already lost, but it warms my heart knowing that they have reconnected again before it’s too late. The Chairman obviously loves Tae Woon a lot. Seeing the look on his face while eating with Tae Woon was pure joy and Tae Woon has a lot of love to give too.

June: I think this is what warms my heart even more seeing them together. Even though they don’t have a lot of time left, you know they still very much care and love for each other and cherish those moments so much.

Sadness :’(((((((

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June: As proud as I am of him, there was a sadness that overcame me when this scene played. Him talking to his mom and talking about how the flowers grew in her garden and what not. I was just like you’ve grown so much and I feel like it’s going to be a new chapter in his life coming up. Your mom would be proud Tae Woon!! :(((((

Logan: It really was a cathartic moment. We’ve been watching him on this journey transforming from Mr Unfortunate, a man who is eccentric and keeps to himself to Tae Woon, a man who opens his doors to others and learns to take care of the ones he loves. I was so proud of him.

June: I’ve loved seeing the growth of Mr. Unfortunate the best!

Logan: It’s sad that we’ve only got two episodes left to see his growth continue, but I’m anticipating that we’ll see even more growth as he takes the lead in the competition at the company. I’m definitely Team Tae Woon for CEO, although if it was me I’d write in Ji Na as a candidate instead. Lol.

June: Tae Won for CEO!


Logan: It was hard enough finding out about the chairman’s illness, but it was even worse having to see Tae Woon find out the extent of it. Here he is, finally reconnecting with his uncle and he finds out he’s not going to have him there to reconnect with much longer. He has to be going through a lot of regret for the time they were apart.

June: I am for sure going to be a huge mess if the chairman ends up passing away, even though I know there’s not much time left. I think even I feel the regret of Tae Woon not being able to reconnect with him much sooner. I just need to them to have more time. ;~;

Logan: I will not be able to handle the feels if that happens! He needs to see Tae Woon and Ji Na get married and have babies first. I really hope that Ji Na’s dad forgives the Chairman soon. I know that he would feel really awful if the Chairman passed away still feeling guilty. He definitely regrets his actions and I think he deserves the forgiveness.

June: Oh my goodness, if he isn’t there to see that I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it at all. I think it would be even more sad if he feel super guilty is he passes away. Ugh! I don’t even want to think about it!!

ANGER!!!!!! >:O

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June: THIS GIRL WTF. LIke I know you’re like super obsessed with Hee Chul (WHO SUCKS BTW) but why the hell do you have to involve Tae Woon too. Like seriously stop being so petty and the person you should try to destroy is Hee Chul. -__-

Logan: I was really hoping Hye Mi would do the classy thing and just forget about Ji Na’s education. What really made me made here is that Ji Na didn’t lie about her education. Okay, she didn’t deny it, but if I recall it was the big dead spider on her resume and the fact that Hee Cheul was trying to be cool and continue on with the interview despite the squashed arachnid, that caused the misunderstanding.

June: I know she wants to keep Hee Chul to herself but couldn’t she achieve that in another way!

Logan: At first I thought she was going to help Tae Woon to test Hee Cheul’s loyalty to her. It’s disappointing to find out she’s just manipulating him. That’s not the way to true love, girl!


Logan: Hee Cheul, we’ve established that you’re not always the most stand-up guy. I’m trying to come to terms with it. But I’m having a really hard time believing that just hours after you and Ji Na officially ended it, that you suddenly seem interested in Hye Mi. I’m just not buying it. Hye Mi may be ambitious, but she doesn’t deserve to be your sloppy seconds.

June: Seriously, like after everything that’s happened, now he wants Hye Mi. I don’t really even like Hye Mi, but damn not even I want Hye Mi to go through that. How gross of Hee Chul for treating her like nothing too, to be honest.

Logan: Hye Mi is totally blinded by love and kind of pathetic, but I do feel bad for her. I was hoping that eventually his heart would change for her, but not on the same day that Ji Na tells him she doesn’t like him. Out of all the disgusting things he’s done, this might be Hee Cheul’s worst.

June: I totally agree. At least give it time but at this point he is totally forcing himself to even like her. I wish I could just stop both of them.

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