Hello, everyone and thanks for joining us for our final posting for the My Unfortunate Boyfriend drama club. It wasn’t that long ago that this series begun and now we’ve come to the end. In the same way our final week’s worth of episodes saw a lot of new beginnings and bittersweet endings. Join June, Shyloe, and me as we bid farewell to this adorable drama.

Watch the finale:

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June: Well I can’t say I’m surprised that these two ended up getting together. They really should have just gotten together right from the beginning and could have save us from the frustration! Lol

Logan: I knew them getting together would be inevitable, but I always imagined they’d both end up unhappy. But I have to say, seeing them together like this, clearly in love, surprisingly warmed my heart. I was happy that they were able to find happiness together, which I didn’t expect.

Shyloe: I thought the same. HeeChul is finally opening his heart up to HyeMi and showing her more of his personality and his past.

Logan: I was happy that Hee Cheul really took the time to share his heart with Hye Mi rather than just accepting her as second best. She was much more well-suited for him than Ji Na from the get-go and she only ever looked at him and now that he’s chosen to love her he’ll take really good care of her. They really did deserve each other and this time, I say that without any venom and with all sincerity.

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A Sudden Surprise

Shyloe: I really liked how not only the second leads but also the side characters get some love too.The news of a baby on the way added a cute little flourish to the end. I wish they showed more of everyone starting a new beginning in their lives, but I don't think the drama would ever end.LOL

Logan: That was really sweet, wasn’t it? Almost everyone was paired up. I especially loved that the couple was expecting a baby and everyone was so excited. I want to know how their lives end up too! I was totally watch a drama with any one of the side characters.

June: This was so sweet! I loved that they added this and that they had their own happy ending! I vote that we get a mini series over them and their new family! Haha

Logan: Or maybe just a My Unfortunate Boyfriend 2 with the whole cast reunited. I'm down for that, anyone else?

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Growing Again

Shyloe: We've seen HeeChul hit his ups and downs throughout this drama, and honestly I was starting to dislike his character. He was self centered and used people. I like how the chairman didn't give up on HeeChul and saw that he still had potential to be a great man.  It's sad that HeeChul didn't realize what he had until it was gone.

Logan: I loved this sort of prodigal son moment that the Chairman gave Hee Cheul. Here Hee Cheul is thinking the Chairman’s given up on him, but really he did all this work to make Hee Cheul’s redemption possible. It was really touching.

June: This scene was really emotional and that’s because I don’t even like Hee Chul but you could just feel the emotions from the screen. I do feel like Hee Chul finally came around but it did take like 15 episodes for it to happen. The Chairman not giving up on him was really touching. Sighs :(

Logan: We really had a lot of ups and downs with Hee Cheul. Part of what made him so frustrating, I think, was that we could see he had potential. Glad he started living up to it.


Logan: What a sweet new beginning for these two. Through the series we’ve seen them both grow a lot as characters and now they are preparing to start their lives together. I was very happy that we had a proposal, although I sympathize with Ji Na not wanting to be proposed to in sweats, she realized that it didn’t really matter in the end.

June: Yessssssss! This is what I’ve waited for all series! My OTP lives and now even getting married! I’ve loved the growth of these characters and I’m definitely going to miss them. :(

Shyloe: I'm really happy that they ended up together and that he proposed. Is it too much to ask for a garden wedding? *I like weddings :)*

Logan: A garden wedding would be perfect. But what happened to our invitations? I’m pretty sure we demanded them. *Sigh* Oh well, I’m happy for them either way. They really did grow to become perfect for each other and they make each other so happy.

June: Yes, yes, yes!!!!! I want a garden wedding like now!

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The Hardest Goodbye

June: Can we just say how freaking emotional this last episode was! I feel like I should have prepared for it but no amount of preparation would have been enough. I am seriously so sad over it. Also, Hee Chul’s tears did not help with this at all. And we all know how I feel about Hee Chul! Lol

Logan: I seriously was not prepared at all. I thought because he had made it so far in the drama and near the end of the finale, that it wouldn’t happen but then BAM! On one of our prior posts we talked about what a wreck we’d be if the Chairman died and that prediction was spot on. Hee Cheul’s emotions just amplified my own.

June: OMG we did talk about it and sadly it did happen. :( 

Shyloe: It was sweet TaeWoon and his uncle went fishing and spent time together. I'm happy that the script writer gave the chairman peace in his life, so he was no longer haunted by guilt.

Logan: Yeah, if anything made the Chairman’s passing better, it was the fact that he was forgiven and had reconciled with his nephew. It was also sweet how Hee Cheul and Tae Woon both bonded over missing the chairman.


The Ending of our Drama

Logan: The final ending of this episode to discuss probably the most difficult for me, because it’s the ending of the series. I don’t know about everyone else, but when I stopped to reflect on this series now that it’s over I realized how much I have to grown to love it. I’m really going to miss watching it every week.

June: Everytime a drama ends, I always feel like a part of me goes away and it makes me super sad. I definitely will miss this drama and the adorableness of Mr. Unfortunate. Though I can’t say I’ll miss Hee Chul and Hye Mi. Lol

Shyloe: I'll really miss watching this drama and discussing ideas and theories. I had a great time and enjoyed every second of it. :)

Logan: I think that even as mad as they made me I’ll still miss Hye Mi and Hee Cheul a little. I’ll definitely miss the Scooby Gang, too. The side characters really helped bring this drama to life, but of course our leads I’ll miss the most. Tae Woon was adorable and Ji Na’s thirst for justice I always admired. Farewell My Unfortunate Boyfriend!


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