It must be spring, because love is in the air on My Unfortunate Boyfriend. Thanks for joining us again here at the My Unfortunate Boyfriend Drama Club! This week we will be talking about the blossoms of love that are beginning to pop up on this fun and quirky drama. Join in on the conversation as June, Shyloe, and I talk about our favorite pairings.

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Let the love and feelings game begin!

June: Ah we’ve come to the point where maybe feelings are starting to brew with our main leads. I love it too because they had the ever so drama-like spin her out of danger move. I really can’t wait to see more of them together. They are a pretty adorable couple, if I do say so myself! Haha

Logan: This scene was the stuff classic romance movies are made of! Ji Na is seeing a new side to Mr. Unfortunate for the first time and so are we. I think now that we’re seeing this side of him I should start calling him by his name, Tae Woon. He was not so unfortunate in this scene.

Shyloe: True, that scene was very drama like, but I couldn't keep a straight face every time they showed his blushy face. Mr. Unfortunate, why are you so adorable.

June: Oh my god! Yes, that whole scene with him blushing was just too adorable.

Logan: He really is super sweet. You can see he has this innocent and pure love for Ji Na that’s already blossoming. And he doesn’t just like her because she’s the first woman he “kissed”. He likes her because she stands up for injustice and says what’s on her mind. How swoon-worthy is that?

June: I am seriously rooting for this couple so bad! Go, go!

Shyloe: They were so adorable on their drunk "date" and he was so sweet taking care of her. I have all the feels!

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.19.56 PM.png

June: It’s official because you are now wearing his jacket! Haha. Just kidding, but it was super cute of him acting all manly and giving her his jacket to wear. I seriously can’t get enough of this couple! Give me more writer! (but please don’t screw it up! haha)

Logan: I love how he’s been this meek and humble guy the whole time, but now all of a sudden this great heroic side of him is exposed. To be honest before this I thought his character was adorable, but I had a hard time picturing Ji Na falling for him. This was a game-changer.

Shyloe: I like how the writer shows glimpses of him being serious and not always being a ball of sunshine. And I'm with you on that. I don't want them to mess it up either.

June: Seeing him serious was good. I like that he can be serious and not just super go lucky all the time. It’s a nice change in character dynamics.

Logan: Absolutely! This was the character development I was begging for last week. The writers have heard my pleas and have granted my wish. Lol. Thank you writers, I won’t forget this kindness.

Shyloe: I just want to know more about him and his backstory. I feel when they do show his back story, I'll just want to give him a hug.

Logan: I think you’re right. Last week when we saw him interacting with the chairman- there was something to that. He did not look happy. And it seems like his mom is dead which is just so sad.


Logan: I have an incurable case of perpetual Second Male Lead Syndrome (also known as SMLS for those new to the game), so I knew it was only a matter of time before Hee Cheul earned a place in my heart. He’s a little cold, but the thing I really like about him is that he’s really fair.

June: I can sense that the SMLS (too lazy to write it all out! Haha :P) is going to be interesting with this one. You know I always wondered why k-drama writers sometimes make the second lead so likeable. It makes it so hard in the end to pick who the main female lead should end up with! 

Shyloe: I don't know about you two, but if I was Ji Na, I would be so confused with his mixed signals.I'm just waiting for her to grab him and say, "Do you like me?!"

Logan: I could totally see Ji Na doing that. That is definitely her style. I can’t imagine she’ll let things remain in the air for long.

June: Seriously! The mixed signals he keeps sending are kind of frustrating and I’m not even Ji Na. Lol I can’t wait, if she ever really does, to just be like “tell me the truth now!” lol

Shyloe: And maybe will see his blushy face, too. Lol


Looks like Tae Woon has some competition

Logan: Ji Na’s face just says it all. She’s as taken with Hee Cheul as I am. But I don’t get him. First he asks her to dinner without telling her it’s going to be the whole team. Then he asks her to dinner again and says this time it will be just the two of him. What’s this guy’s game? Does he actually like Ji Na or is he just messing with her?

June: I really hope he’s not just messing with her because it will really make me mad to be honest. Don’t they dare ruin this good vibe I get from this drama!!

Shyloe: I think Hee Cheul likes her, but we see how Hye Mi's father is always hinting openly that if not for such and such, Hye Mi and Hee Cheul would be married. And I think for that reason and how Hye Mi is so smitten with him, he might find it hard to break away and say who he truly likes. Or I'm putting way too much thought into this. haha

Logan: It's easy to put too much thought into our favorite characters. Lol. But I definitely see what you're saying. Hye Mi is totally head over heels for Hee Cheul. I’m trying to scream through my screen at her and tell her to stop while she’s ahead of herself, that Second Male Leads just break your heart, but she doesn’t seem to be able to hear me. I guess we’ll be going on this painful journey together, Hye Mi and me.


Shyloe: I want Ji Na's and Mr. Unfortunate’s friends to be together.They are both quirky and weird that I would never get old of them being together. I loved how they were seducing each other with food. When he flung his head back, was I the only one who had flashbacks to the movie When Harry Met Sally with Meg Ryan at the table?

June: I’ve never seen that movie ( :O I know!) but man these friends would be perfect for each other. They are seriously so hilarious. I mean, look at that face! Lol Love it!

Logan: I haven’t seen it either. You can blame Korean dramas for that. I don’t think we shared it with our friends last week, but we here at the Drama Club have been shipping this friend couple from the get-go. So I’m feeling very happy right now seeing them flirting with each other. There truly is someone for everyone.

Shyloe: *Disney music starts playing* Do you Mr. Penguin, Hyun Bin wannabe, creepy closet man take Ursula, Barbie to be your wife?

Logan: Haha. *Crosses fingers* Say yes! Say yes! But seriously they’re perfect for each other. They could dress up in costumes together and say inappropriate things together. Truly a match made in drama heaven.

Shyloe: Maybe Mr. Unfortunate will catch the bouquet this time. Haha

meme 3.PNG

Shyloe: No truer words have been said than the meme above me. This drama has love in the air. Some sweet... others saucy.

Logan: I love that we have so many different romantic webs being woven right now. There are so many different love possibilities and I’m excited to see where it will all go.

Shyloe: *Prepares popcorn and cookies* I'm ready!

Logan: I better get some snacks too, we’ve still got 12 love-filled episodes left. Just not chicken legs. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at them the same again. lol.

Shyloe: And wine or any of the other food they were eating.

Logan: Thanks for joining in on the conversation. That's all we have for this week's Drama Club. Tune in next week for another round of inevitable hijinks.


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