Welcome once again to My Unfortunate Boyfriend Drama Club! This week things are getting sweet, spicy, and all kinds of nice as June, Logan, and I talk about our favorite moments that had us all running to the dentist with fears of cavities.

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June: Seriously, he is so sweet, I think I might get a cavity. I'm like why can't I have a friend who is this sweet and adorable. I can't help but cheer for him.

Logan: Right? Friend of the year! Ji Na does a total 180 when he pulls those manly moves. Most of the time she’s telling him what to do and he goes along without question, but when he knows it’s time to take care of her he makes the commands and she gets quiet and does whatever he says.

Shyloe: She's starting to fall for his charm with the way he helps and cares for those around him. Not to mention he looked good while playing a pink guitar.

June: It should be a rule that he plays guitar everywhere! Lol I can't see how she can't fall for his charm. I'm falling for all his charms as each episode goes by!

Logan: When I saw that guitar coming out, I knew it would be game-over and whether Ji Na knows it or not yet she definitely is falling for him. Just look at how she was looking at him during that scene, or the fact that she was hiding and spying on him. That’s a dead giveaway.

Shyloe: It would be game over if he sang too.

June: I want to start a petition for him to sing next.


New Roomies

Shyloe: I'm really happy JiNa's "friend" moved in with her. JiNa really needs someone to talk about her job, Mr. Unfortunate, Heechul, and her rivalry with HyeMi. And you never know, she might have house guests in the coming episodes. *cough* Mr. Unfortunate and company*cough*

Logan: I thought the same thing. Even though her friend is a bit weird, Ji Na needs someone on her side with everything she’s dealing with. I didn’t think they really liked each other because they kept fighting, but it turns out that’s just how their friendship works. You can tell they actually care a lot about each other.

June: Not gonna lie, I laughed when she moved in. But I agree, it's going to be nice seeing Ji Na talk to someone about everything that is going on. Sometimes you just need someone to just nudge you to go in the direction you need.

Logan: And she’s the type of friend that you know will always give you true and honest advice. That’s the best kind of friend in my opinion. Friends who will tell you what you want to hear are a dime a dozen. Both Ji Na and her weird friend are lucky to have each other, because they can always be honest with each other.

Shyloe: I can’t wait for more scenes of them together. I really want to see their friendship grow.

Screenshot (15).pngShower Scene Trope

Shyloe: What drama is without a sexy shower scene. HeeChul had me grabbing for my smelling salts when he started getting wet.

I'm starting to really sway for HeeChul to be with me and not JiNa. LOL! Since you will end up alone, I volunteer for your love. And I will accept you.

Logan: I think you’re going to have to fight off a horde of our fellow My Unfortunate Boyfriend fans for that honor. From the comments we got last week after our discussion it seems we weren’t the only ones to come down with a case of Second Lead Syndrome over this hunk.

June: It wouldn't be a Korean drama without a shower scene. Man as if Second Lead Syndrome wasn't so strong in this drama, it just made it even worse. But still I admit, I'm currently Team Mr. Unfortunate!

Logan: I have to say also Team Mr. Unfortunate. Although it was a hard choice. Hee Cheul just plays too many games and Mr. Unfortunate is clearly already very in love with Ji Na. This could be interesting, though, because Ji Na is already interested in Hee Cheul and unaware of her feelings for Mr. Unfortunate.

Shyloe: I’m not going to complain if they give Mr. Unfortunate a shower scene. I’m all for that! Hahaha


June: I can't with this man already. He keeps helping her out and I'm just wondering if she really sees what he's doing. I hope she realizes it soon. He's just too adorable!

Logan: I know, I’m getting so nervous. You can tell by the way he looks at her that he’s falling more and more in love with her and if she isn’t careful she is going to break his heart. Originally I was team Hee Cheul, but now I’d feel emotionally irresponsible if I didn’t root for this Unfortunate Couple.

Shyloe: I like how he shows that side of himself only when he's concerned about her instead of being that way all the time (unlike other dramas).

And where is Mr. Unfortunate when my feet hurt? I would like a piggy back ride too.

June: I KNOW RIGHT! Ugh in a perfect world, I would have my own Mr. Unfortunate to help me when my feet hurt and just be super adorable and nice. Sigh if only.

Logan: He is just an overall great guy. I thought he was going to be too spacy to be realistically loveable, but he’s has a great balance of being innocent and kind, but also strong and steadfast when need be. I think he knows a lot more about what’s going on than what he lets on too.

June: He really is such a great balance of a character. I sincerely hope they don't do something crazy to his character in future episodes. He's perfect the way he is!!

Shyloe: I worry that something will happen, and he will no longer be Mr. Unfortunate but a cold version of himself like HeeChul.

thank you.png

Who knew Oddball would be able to warm our hearts so easily?

Logan: It’s not very surprising to learn that Oddball has been writing mean comments to an actress for the last five years. He’s kind of a snarky guy. Even still, Ji Na and Mr. Unfortunate did everything they could to clear his name. That was adorable in itself, but I could help but emit a loud “Ahhhhhh!” to his genuinely grateful reaction.

June: I know right. I always wondered why people leave mean comments on the web though. Like what does it even accomplish? *shrugs* But yes, Ji Na and Mr. Unfortunate are pretty awesome for helping him! Like who else would do that other than good people!

Shyloe: Oddball looked like a five year old in Mr. Unfortunate's arms. I liked how JiNa and Mr. Unfortunate helped Oddball get out of jail. Mr. Unfortunate helped because he's an angel. JiNa on the other hand helped at first so Oddball could help in the project, but along the way she started to truly want to help him.

Logan: That’s the thing I’ve grown to love about Ji Na. When the drama started she seemed like she was going to be this cold and ambitious woman who would do anything to get ahead, but especially in this week’s episodes it’s clear that she is actually very tender-hearted and caring.

Shyloe: I thought the same too. I'm really happy that JiNa is just putting on a facade of being cold hearted when instead she's really similar to Mr. Unfortunate.

June: Yes I love it! It just goes to show that the writers are definitely giving more depth to her character. I love what they are doing with her character.

MEME 22.PNGBrought to tears by the beauty of the stone garden

Logan: Now that Oddball, Mr. Unfortunate’s weird friend, and neighbor girl have joined Ji Na and Mr. Unfortunate, these five remind me of the Scooby gang. As hilarious as they are together, the stone garden scene was actually kind of beautiful. The idea that each stone was put there by someone as they made a wish is quite romantic.

Shyloe: I love that scene a lot. I like how Mr. Unfortunate is showing everybody how to appreciate the small and big things in our lives more.

June: It was the best. This scene was probably my favorite from this week! I totally also love the Scooby Doo gang reference. All they need now is a Scooby!

Logan: I think Oddball is the Scooby of this bunch. Lol.

June: I can totally see that! Lol

Logan: He’s the one that tries to run away at the first sign of trouble when Mr. Unfortunate’s friend (anyone know his name yet?) knocks over the tower, just like Scooby would have. But he also showed a heart of gold deep in there when he decided to stay and help rebuild it.

Shyloe: Plus his love for Mr. Unfortunate too.


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