Hello everyone and thanks for joining us here again at the My Unfortunate Boyfriend Drama Club. This week it’ll be just June and me as we discuss the many manipulative ways of the director. Sorry to all those who are still Team Hee Cheul, but this week we’re discussing all the reasons why, despite the director’s beautifully chiseled face, we’re Team Tae Woon.

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Because he couldn’t have told her that before they were supposed to meet

June: I'm just going to start off and say that Hye Mi is kind of okay in my book and she can annoy me at times but the things Hee Chul is doing to her is seriously not cool. He's manipulating her and it's just so sad to see because she really likes him.

Logan: I agree. She does go a little overboard sometimes and crosses the line, but you can tell it’s only because she really likes Hee Cheul. When she doesn’t think Ji Na is a threat, they’re actually a cute team. If Hee Cheul has always lead her on like this I can see why she’s so desperate.

June: I am just dreading the moment she finds out Hee Chul's plans. I know poor girl is going to probably be devastated. Though I mean she already has inkling that he likes someone else aka Ji Na.

Logan: Do you think she knows Hee Cheul’s manipulating her and just chooses not to care, thinking he’ll eventually come around? She’s not dumb, in fact she’s pretty smart. I think she knows her value and knows that he’ll have no choice but to choose her eventually.

June: I've actually thought about it. I feel like she might knows something's up but not the whole entirety. I'm just wondering if she'll kind of turn this around and start manipulating Hee Chul in a way. Lol

Logan: That would be so great! I’d love to see the girls get the upper hand on Hee Cheul. Maybe once Ji Na realizes who the real man is for her, she’ll help hook Hye Mi and Hee Cheul up. I bet she’d be a great matchmaker.


Logan: Hee Cheul is getting way too possessive of Ji Na when he has absolutely no right to be. He’s already telling her what she can and cannot do without giving her any sort of commitment. He tells her he wants her to himself, yet is leading Hye Mi along at the same time. It’s gross.

June: UGH I KNOW. Second Male Lead Syndrome is done with me. He's just plain manipulating like every girl in this drama. I also hate that he's dragging Ji Na into this because I know drama is going to head our main couples way.

Logan: Ji Na says she likes Hee Cheul, but her face and her body language say otherwise. She is completely uncomfortable (and not in a good way) every time he touches her. I’m telling you, the people in this drama need to learn to read the signs that someone doesn’t like them.

June: Seriously! I feel like she's kind of forcing herself to like him but really she has feelings for someone else. *coughs Mr. Unfortunate* I just want her to snap out of it and stop trying to act like Hee Chul is the one for her! Plus it's even worse because Hee Chul is essentially using her for his stupid scheme.

Logan: Thankfully we got some insight into the way she thinks when she was talking with her mom. She was surprised when her mom told her to go for someone with a good heart rather than someone who’s wealthy and capable. It’ll still probably take her a few episodes to listen, though. Lol. She ought to know that Mother knows best.

June: Oh definitely! This is the part in a drama when I'm like can we get things moving so that my OTP can finally be together without nuisances! Haha


And they have good reason for doing so...

June: This is an interesting one because seeing Hee Chul try and be with him at his hospital appointment and see what's going on. I feel like Chairman knows what Hee Cheul is trying to find out.

Logan: Yeah, the chairman’s a smart man. He knows that Hee Cheul’s up to something. I think ultimately the chairman knows that Hee Cheul’s character isn’t as great as it seems and that’s why he’s never fully put his confidence in him.

June: Agreed so much. Plus I'm like I definitely don't like the way Hee Chul is going about getting this position. Like really, spying on the Chairman? It's definitely going to come back around and bite him and everyone else involved. Like how rude was it when they had that meeting and we're talking about the Chairman's disease. I was disgusted by it!

Logan: Oh I know! I was so mad when they were laughing about the fact that the chairman Lou Gehrig’s that I nearly started yelling at my screen. That is a cruel and painful disease that you shouldn’t even wish on your worst enemy. How could Hee Cheul joke about it when his own dad died from it? (Which is completely sad by the way)

June: Exactly! After that scene, I was essentially done with that group of people and I hope they all lose their positions some way or another! UGH I get so mad just thinking about it.

Logan: I did notice that Hee Cheul seemed to be getting sick and Lou Gehrig’s is an inherited disease. I really hope he doesn’t have it too. As disgusting as he’s been lately, that’s a level of tragedy that even he doesn’t deserve.

What does the future hold for this drama? Will Hee Cheul ever turn from his manipulative ways? We'll all have to keep watching to find out. Come back and visit us for next week when we discuss the next two episodes!

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