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Why hello there...

Shyloe: The very first time you meet Mr. Unfortunate (A.K.A Awkward Cupcake) is quite a memorable scene. He tries to save a tree from falling into the pond, but he underestimates the distance and falls in as well.

When he comes out of the water looking like Mr.Darcy (*fans self*), I was like, "Oh my!" At the same time I'm dying from second hand embarrassment and wondering how his shirt exploded off his body.

Logan: Glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed that his shirt had suddenly disappeared. I think maybe the producers were looking for any excuse to get No Min Woo shirtless. Haha.

June: I love me a k-drama where the male lead is already shirtless in the first five minutes! But seriously how did his shirt just like mysteriously disappear! I mean logic doesn’t really apply in kdramas! Haha

Logan: I had to rewatch the scene to see where his shirt went. Lol. If you look closely you can see it floating in the background.

Shyloe: I applaud you to be able to look away from No MinWoo.

June: I know right! He’s just so nice to look at.

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Because this is the perfect way to clean her shoes and isn’t an awkward position at all.

June: What a great way to start off our main leads’ relationship! LOL This poor guy is just so awkward. He’s really just one of a kind and I can’t wait to see what more he will bring to this drama. Bring on all the awkwardness, I’m ready! lol

Logan: He really is oh so awkward and it makes for some hilarious situations. I love that his nickname is Mr. Unfortunate, it sums his character up perfectly. Although I probably wouldn’t love it so much if it was me and everyone kept reminding me how unfortunate I was.

Shyloe: The drama should be called "Mr. Awkward and His Unfortunate Events." And where did he learn to clean shoes like that? I don't think I would handle that as well as JiNa did. *Falcon Kick*

June: Exactly, I know if that would have happened to me, I would have busted out my pepper spray real fast!

Logan: Oh yeah, he would have definitely been in some sort of pain after that interaction if it were me. I thought Ji Na was going to be cold and unreasonable in this drama, but in reality most of her reactions are pretty reasonable.

Shyloe: She is definitely not what I expected her to be and I'm completely fine with that.

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I guess she likes what she sees...

June: Just by the look on her face you can tell this drama is probably going to be crazy. Haha! I still can’t believe she just ran up to him and ripped open his shirt! Like in what world would this even be allowed, well other than K-Dramaland.

Logan: The best part is he just rolls with it. Like, you want to rip my shirt open? No big deal. You want me to model for you? Okay, I’ll do whatever you say. This could lead to some interesting scenarios if he keeps doing whatever she tells him without questioning it.

Shyloe: As long as she keeps it PG rated. While she is recording him, I was squirming like a worm at him shoveling at the dirt and yelling like he achieved some unbeatable feat of moving garden soil.

June: I wonder if he’s just that naive to listen to whatever she says. At this rate, she’s already got him wrapped around her little finger.

Logan: Yeah, he doesn’t stand a chance the way he is now, but I’m hoping we see some strong character development from him. He’s ripe for some good character development. I would love to see him gain some confidence.

Shyloe: You see a hint of him being serious when he was talking to the old man. I just hope he doesn't lose his awkward charm.

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Shyloe: I don't know about anyone else but I HATE and dread job interviews. JiNa's Job interview is her vs. fifty other people. And to stand out from the rest she storms in, kicks a chair and holds the interviewers at gunpoint.

Besides doing that, her advertisement video made within an hour was very awkward. I had to curl myself into a ball to try to escape from the embarrassment.

Logan: I’m with you on hating interviews. They’re awful! I can’t imagine having to go through that horribly awkward interview process that Ji Na did. They seemed to delight in intimidating the candidates. You have to give Ji Na credit, though. That girl just rolls with whatever obstacle she faces.

June: Me three. Interviews are so nerve wracking and I couldn’t even imagine going in and seeing /50/ of my other competitors, so props to her! I agree, I think Ji Na has some serious potential and it seems she’ll really do anything to get this job.

Shyloe: She even killed his pet spider on accident , I mean "Son," and then helped him grieve to get her job.

Logan: No kidding, that shows some serious gumption on Ji Na’s part. When you can get the “father” of the “child” you just murdered to publicly exonerate, you are going places.

June: So when the two leads start to date or whatever, does that mean she killed her “son”?


Logan: If getting your hair stuck in some strange man’s zipper isn’t enough, imagine the whole entire office seeing and thinking that the two of you are getting a little too friendly in the elevator. I ached with embarrassment for Ji Na in this scene. I felt so bad for her, but she seemed to take it in stride.

Shyloe: That scene had me laughing so hard. I don't know why they got on an elevator and for what purpose.

If she needed something to cut her hair loose, doesn't TaeWoon (A.K.A Mr.Unfortunate) have trimming shears? She could have saved them both from an awkward moment.

June: Can you say awkward to the max! I’m actually super surprised this scene was in a kdrama! Seriously though, as much as I felt bad for her, I couldn’t help but laugh. This is not something you see in kdramas. Haha!

Logan: Right? It was a bit risque for a Korean drama. I loved how adamantly they both screamed “No, it’s not what you think!” Lol.

June: Not gonna lie, I kind of love that they went a little risque with this. Like yes, break the mold! Don’t be like every other kdrama! Break free!! Haha. Shyloe: I'm waiting for more scenes like this to happen.


Mr. Unfortunate in a clown suit, the next best thing to a knight in shining armor

Logan: I knew as soon as I saw that clown suit that something crazy was going to happen, but I wasn’t prepared for him chasing down a van on his bicycle and screaming Ji Na’s name in that silly voice. Then the cops think he’s prank calling them so they send a car after him. Do they have that much spare manpower on their police force in Seoul?

Shyloe: Don't mess with the Seoul PoPo. The voice changer that he uses... Where can I get one? And how did the driver not notice the crazy clown on a bicycle right behind him?

June: As much as I find clowns super creepy, him dressed up as one was oddly adorable. Lol! As if wearing this bright colored wig and costume wasn’t obvious enough, the driver had to have seriously been in his own world!

Logan: He was adorable. With that little kid voice and the fact that he thought he was rescuing her, he seemed very innocent. And I was totally thinking the same thing: how did no one in that van notice him? Shyloe: For my next birthday party where can I hire him?

June: Mr. Unfortunate up for birthday parties and events! You heard it here first! lol

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