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Mr. Unfortunate’s Past

Shyloe: I knew it! I knew it! I knew him and the CEO had ties (well I think everyone did). The biggest twist for me was that the CEO isn't his grandfather but his uncle.

Why he and the CEO have a strained relationship is to be seen, but I want to know why Mr. Unfortunate and JiNa have some sort of link to each other's past.

Logan: I was thinking he might be the grandpa as well, but uncle makes more sense because they don’t seem very close. But it is clear that he does care quite a bit for him. After all, he did make Tae Woon a director at the company once upon a time and it looks as though he’s eyeing him to become the new CEO. The fact that Ji Na’s parents were brought into the equation was a huge shocker to me! What kind of a past does her family have?

Shyloe: I don't think her "father" is her real father, more like a step-dad. A couple episodes back when JiNa was young, she didn't seem to be happy to see him.

I think he is Senator May. What Senator May and Mr. Unfortunate's parents have in common, I don't know, but it is getting interesting.

Logan: That’s an interesting theory, but I can totally see it. Ji Na has mentioned her mom several times, but never her dad. It would make sense that he’s a step-dad. I was wondering about that myself. It was so sad hearing about Tae Woon’s parents, but he seemed so relieved to have someone like Ji Na to share their memory with.

Shyloe: I hope she helps him through his guilt so that he thinks he isn’t to blame for his parents’ death. This is off topic, but I like how with every new episode they show more of Mr. Unfortunate's skills, talents and smarts. He may be an innocent air head, but he's not a stupid one. LOL

Logan: I’m glad you brought that up. His innocence is mistaken for stupidity, which can happen a lot. But this man is a doctor, a talented pianist, and let’s not forget a plant wizard. And who knows what other talents he’ll show as the future episodes unfold.

June: First off, I love the actor who plays the uncle! I've seen him in so many dramas, I feel like I'm used to him! Lol I agree with both of you al., I think the most interesting thing is how all of them are linked together. It's going to be interesting seeing how this all unfolds. But yes, I feel as each episode goes on, we see more and more sides of Mr. U and I love it. It's like Mr. U is like the candy the "everlasting gobstopper" from Willy Wanka. You just never know which flavor you will have next, and in the drama you just never know what you will see next from him.


Hye Mi and Hee Cheul in the present

Logan: In the present Hye Mi and Hee Cheul’s relationship is very unclear. Hee Cheul has been leading her on for a while and it’s clear she’s crazy about him. We’ve learned that Hee Cheul is being urged to be with her by many outside forces, but he’s just not feeling it. It’s clear in every conversation that he has with her, that he’d rather be doing pretty much anything else. I mean, again I’ll point to his facial expression as evidence.Shyloe: His face says it all," No thank you."

At first I felt bad for HeeChul, thinking that he put up with HyeMi's crush on him while seeing her like a sister, but then you truly find out HeeChul's dark side.

He is using HyeMi's crush/love/obsession with him to his advantage, along with her father's hopes of having a son-in-law who will be a CEO that he can use as a puppet. I don't see this ending well for him.

Logan: Couldn’t agree more. Hee Cheul is playing a dangerous game. I mean yeah, Hye Mi’s a bit crazy, but he’s being a total dirtbag by taking advantage of her. You could tell how incredibly jealous and predatorial he was after seeing Ji Na with Tae Woon, yet how hypocritical was that when he took Hye Mi to the same party?Shyloe:I felt the same way. And I loved how HyeMi was trying to make JiNa look like a gold digger. Really HyeMi?! Really!?

Logan: I know, right? She’s chasing the soon-to-be-CEO and Ji Na’s shameless because she’s dating a doctor? Whoa! Alert the press! I mean, I will admit Hye Mi’s jealousy of Ji Na is completely valid. Not only is Hee Cheul interested in Ji Na, but Ji Na is just an overall better person than Hye Mi.

Shyloe: And everyone at work likes JiNa better too. JiNa isn't making friends by shoving her money in their faces.

June: At this point I'm like you both are being shady! HeeChul for leading her on when he knows for damn sure he doesn't like her and Hye Mi for trying to make Ji Na look like a gold digger. I'm like maybe you both are meant for each other. LOL But seriously I never like seeing someone lead someone on knowing that they don't really like them. It's like you're giving them false hope and you know everything is going to come crashing down on the them down the line. Hye Mi really needs to keep herself in check too. Like girl, why don't you actually get to know Ji Na instead of saying bad things! She's actually really awesome and they could be friends if only she wasn't shady and throwing shade at Ji Na. Lol


Let’s not talk about this more than we have to


Ji Na and Tae Woon’s Future

Logan: I can feel the heat of those sparks flying from here. The smiles that Ji Na and Tae Woon have been sending each other are super contagious. The thing that I find really refreshing is that Ji Na is obviously starting to feel something for Tae Woon and she doesn’t really seem to mind. We usually have that scene where the female lead freaks out once she realizes her feelings, but Ji Na is just going with the flow.

Shyloe: Sings *Love is the Moment* I love how she was taking pictures of him at the abandoned amusement park.

And when she got introduced to his friend and had to do the greeting dance thing, she just went with it. I agree JiNa is someone who goes with the flow and doesn't let something or someone stop her.

Logan: I think Ji Na is my new role model. She accepts and befriends even the oddest characters in this drama. She sees past more than appearances and first impressions. Even though she and Mr. Unfortunate had a rocky and very strange start, she has seen his heart and really appreciates him. Tae Woon too sees more to her than just tenacity. It really is a beautiful romance, because they both see and appreciate each other’s heart. *Tear*

Shyloe: * Slow claps* Well said. I just want them to get married and have lots of babies and be happy. *sighs*

Logan: Do you think they’ll invite us to their wedding? After all we’ve been cheering them on so much. When he asked her to dance in the park I couldn’t stop smiling. They both were giving each other that smile. You know, the one that says “You are the only thing I see in the world right now”.

Shyloe: They better and maybe I'll catch the boutique. LOL That dance was really cute. I got Disney flashbacks when I watched them dance. OTL

June: Man you guys, I am so in love with this couple. Ugh I want them to get together and be happy like forever. I love the fact that Ji Na isn't freaking out about her getting feelings for him. It's a nice change seeing a character just go with the flow with this. OTP all the way! #YASSSS #getmarriednow


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