This year's cherry blossom season has already been something to behold. But a new discovery by scientists and monks in Japan might have just taken the cherry blossom season to a whole new level. A group of Buddhists in a temple in the middle of Japan recently discovered that a cherry blossom tree has rapidly grown from a cherry stone that spent eight months in space.

The cherry stone spent time aboard the International Space Station before being planted at an ancient temple in Japan. What makes the discovery mystifying is that the tree has grown faster than it should have and has also grown an intriguing number of flowers. The tree is four-years-old and it grew from the space stone roughly six years ahead of when it should have according to normal cherry blossom growth charts. The tree grew nine flowers with each only having five petals as opposed to the nearby tree that had 30 flowers. Does this mean that human babies might age twice as fast after spending time in space? Scientists have not come to a conclusion about the rapid growth of the tree but continue to hypothesize about the causes.