A very unusual full-page ad appeared in South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo on May 26, a day before the 50th Baek Sang Arts Awards was held. It was written like a personal note to Kim Soo Hyun, wishing him good luck from a mysterious fan named Cecilia.

In a report that appeared on Chosun Ilbo's digital edition, it was explained that Cecilia was an alias of a devoted Chinese fan who wanted to cheer on her favorite star, Kim Soo Hyun. The Korean drama My Love From Another Star has tremendously raised the fame and popularity of Kim and his co-stars in China. This ad is really just more proof of the lasting and powerful attraction of Kim and My Love From Another Star for their Chinese fans.

The mystery fan is reportedly a rich man's wife from Hong Kong, although there is also speculation that she could be Cecilia Cheung, famous HK actress and celebrity who met Kim in March this year on the Chinese reality show, The Brain.

Fortunately fans were not disappointed. Kim Soo Hyun won Most Popular Actor at the Baesang Awards.

It was also reported that the elated Cecilia wanted to place a second ad to congratulate Kim for his win, but Kim's agency declined her (too) generous and overwhelming attention.