Gao Yuan Yuan is one of the most beautiful Chinese actresses, and her fans were really concerned for her when she recently showed up with some ugly bruises at an event promoting her new TV drama, We Get Married.

She appeared at the event wearing a simple white top and an elegant black skirt with a high opening in the front that showed off her beautiful long legs. However, viewers immediately spotted the big, ugly bruises on both legs.

Soon there has been a stream of analysis and speculations rising among Chinese netizens chitchatting and wondering how such bruises could have occurred.

Gao Yuan Yuan's boyfriend is popular and handsome Taiwanese-Canadian actor, Mark Chao. They met and fell passionately in love while filming the movie, Caught in the Web, and they have publicly confirmed their steady relationship.

Chao once called Gao the "Number One Beauty of Beijing". It's inconceivable that he would hurt Gao but netizens would not rule out domestic abuse during their discussion about how and why these terrible bruises were on Gao Yuan Yuan's legs.