This week authorities in China's Xi'an province seized over 22 tons of fake beef in a factory raid.

The problem is those 22 tons of "beef" were actually 22 tons of pork, which the fraudsters can acquire much more cheaply. Then it's just a matter of treating the mystery meat "with chemicals including paraffin wax and industrial salts" (yum?) to give it that nice, beefy glow we all know and love. While the fakers have been shut down it's speculated that about 3,000 lbs. of the masquerading meat had already been sold to unwitting consumers.

Of course this isn't the first time that meatmongers in China have been caught misrepresenting their wares. Who can forget the year's previous Chinese fake meat scandal, which involved tricksters passing off as mutton what was actually fox, mink, and - oh yes - rat.

Bon appétit everyone!