K-pop idols generally expose a lot of skin, especially when they perform on stage or sometimes in their music videos. As a result, those with tattoos will eventually be found out, whether they cover themselves with huge and elaborate designs for all to see, or super tiny ones where they think no one will notice. With that, here are photos of ten of your favorite idols and their tattoos, and the significant reasons behind their very personal ink.

Because acting requires actors to literally be a blank slate so that they can portray any type of character, sometimes getting permanent ink on your skin is not such a smart career move. But for K-pop idols, getting body ink only allows them to express themselves even more, especially in a society where getting tattoos is still considered a somewhat rebellious move. As in Japan, tattoos have in the past been associated with organized criminals and such, only recently becoming more accepted within society as a form of self-expression. And so artists, especially singers and musicians, have decorated their bodies with words and designs that mean something special to them.

Below are a list and photos of 10 K-pop stars, their tattoos, and what the ink on their bodies mean. Enjoy!

1. G-Dragon — Probably the most inked Korean big-time celebrity, G-Dragon has got quite a lot of tattoos. With sayings like "Too fast to live, too young to die," and "Forever Young," the 28-year-old rapper is definitely tatted up. He's also got a Keith Haring "Running Heart" on his right forearm, as a symbol of support for social issues like gay rights, anti-nuclear proliferation, and ending racism. Other deigns include representations of love, money, and fame, and an 8-star Dragonball on his left shoulder, because eight just happens to be his favorite number.

2. Jay Park — Pretty heavily inked like G-Dragon, Park is said to be changing the perception of tattoos in Korea.  The words "Heart of a Lion" drapes his right chest, next to the face of a lion on his left. His left arm is covered with the likes of a girl with a Seattle Mariners cap, Space Needle (from hometown of Seattle), a Korean flag, and other elaborate designs, faces, and words like, "Forever Stay Grinding'" and "ART OF MOVEMENT." This Korean-American rapper is very proud of his roots.

3. HyunA — "My mother is the heart that keeps me alive." Enough said.

4. Zico from Block B — The patriotic idol has Korea's national flower, the Mugunghwa, along with a portrait of King Sejong, who is known as the creator of Hangeul, on his arms. Right above his heart, he has a portrait of his mother. He's all about showing respect!

5. Lee Hyori — This idol shows her love of nature with pride. On the backside of her right arm, she has the words, "Walk lightly in the spring, mother earth is pregnant." She has two flowers on each side of this Native American proverb, along with a turtle and heart on her right hip. She also has the word Love inked on the back of her neck. 

6. WINNER'S Seunghoon — You have some pride in your group if you're getting the logo tattooed on your neck!

7. Tiffany of Girls' Generation — So Tiffany has the French words "toujours belle," which means forever beautiful. She also recently got the Japanese word shoujo in kanji on her index finger, a reference to Girls' Generation's name in Japanese, which is Shoujo Jidai. On her foot, she got a Korean phrase meaning "Now, Always, and Forever."

8.  Kim Jaejoong from JYJ — Definitely uses his tattoos to express his passion for his bandmates, music, and life. His back is covered in wings, sayings like, "The pleasure of the mighty are the tears of the poor," and "A song to outlive all sermons in the memory," and "Hope till the end." Among others, on his left upper chest, he has the words, "Always keep the faith."

9. missA's Jia — Besides her cute heart tattoo on her left index finger, Jia has tattoos on both of her ankles as well, each with a compass inside of a heart. The meaning behind these is that they will always remind her to follow her heart. Looks like this girl loves hearts.

10. Minah from Girl's Day — Carpe diem on her outer left hand, which of course, means "Seize the day." Living life to the fullest is what Minah is doing.