No Min Woo has decided to take legal action against his former agency, SM Entertainment. The hot actor feels he was forced to enter into a 17-year contract before he debuted as a member of TRAX in 2004, according to his legal team JC Partners' statement to the media today. 

Following his disapproval of the extremely long contract, which is legally not supposed to exceed 7 years, No claims his career was halted and TV appearances were blocked by the agency. JC Partners continued to get their message across with the following statement: "He did start activities again on his own, but SM Entertainment blocked his television appearances. This shows how wronged No Min Woo must feel, to go to court with a huge management agency like SM over a contract that is already over. The development of this case will be something to see.”

SM Entertainment responded with this message through media outlet Star Today: "We plan to take legal action on all accounts regarding the groundless lawsuit and report [to the Fair Trade Commission].”

He filed a damage suit against them at the end of April and reported the agency to the Fair Trade Commission for unfair actions.The My Unfortunate Boyfriend actor parted ways with the mega entertainment agency in 2009. 

The JYJ Law (named after the members of JYJ, who have faced blacklisting for years after leaving SM Entertainment) is a bill that was proposed to prevent blacklisting celebrities from appearances on TV programs without a legitimate reason. This bill brought to light by Assemblywoman Choi Min Hee last month, which may be a factor in No Min Woo coming forward now.

Why do you think No Min Woo is fighting back after all these years? Do you think he will win in court with the help of the JYJ Law? 

Watch No Min Woo in My Unfortunate Boyfriend:

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