Answer me 1994 has everyone guessing as to who exactly will be Na Jung's husband. The members of JTBC Ssul Zun tried to help us out by interviewing Shin Won Ho PD, who works behind the scenes of this drama, and his answer is surprising.

After determining that one of the reasons for Answer Me 1994's success is the investigative narrative that keeps the viewers throughout the story, the hosts of the talk show posed the question of who Na Jung's husband is. When interviewing Shin Won Ho PD, they found out that although the husband of Na Jung (played by Go Ah Ra) has already been chosen, the husband might actually change after seeing how the story unravels.

When the hosts asked if the scandal involving Jung Woo might have an impact on the ending, the PD answered, "We only found out Jung Woo's popularity (through the incident) but it won't affect the outcome of the story."

So here is the million dollar question that has everyone glued to the screen: who do you think the husband of Na Jung will be?