Nail Shop Paris Episode 9 didn't fail to confuse the drama club this week. As usual, no one knows what's going on. There's only one more episode left, and not a single club member can say with confidence who the male lead is. Some people are still on Team Kay while others have switched to Team Alex. I, of course, have been Team Alex from the get-go, because Kay honestly gets on my nerves. He's so clingy and pathetic as a boyfriend, that just watching him makes my life feel smothered. The club's final episode viewing is next week, and so much happened in episode 9 that it's left us wondering how exactly all these loose ends will be tied up in one episode. It's shocking how the episode actually opened with Bunny's trash novel. It's now clear to everyone that her novel is just an outlet for her to work through her own issues and thoughts.


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This weeks nail client of sorts is Jeong Ah, a cute, yet some what nerdy office worker who has serious issues not even an Alex diagnosis could help.


Alex's Medical Corner

NOT THIS WEEK! Unfortunately, since Alex was off on "vacation," he couldn't add his two cents on Jisoo's Crohn's disease diagnosis.



The Jin and Jisoo era is probably over. Jisoo seems to have found herself a new super cute boy to indulge in.



No one really cared about this weeks nail design, to be honest. I guess if you're a fan of Easter eggs, then this is probably your speed.


That moment you get invited to your clients home and notice a bloody razor she cut herself with all out in the open, yet still decide to stay for dinner. (-_-)




Takes me back to the dramatic days of Boys Over Flowers when Gu Jun Pyo and Yoon Jihoo had their showdown over Jandi.


Jeong Ah's home-cooked meal didn't work out the way she planned, so of course she has Bunny arrested for sexual assault. However clingy Kay is, he's no where to be found -- but Doctor/Nail Artist Alex is!



I have to give the writers credit for one thing, and that's the epic crazy pen scene. Forget slapping, and throwing water in someones face; the new way to get back at someone is stabbing them with a pen.



What will happen in the final episode next week!? Is Bunny going to end up with Alex or Kay? Are Jisoo and Jin over? Will Woo Min ever wear eye makeup again? So many questions to be answered!


Final comments from the Nail Shop Drama Club:


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