Nail Shop Paris episode 10 was the final episode of the series, and a pretty good one. The club members and I were all wondering how they were going to tie up all the loose ends in one episode, but it seems all of a sudden the writing has improved dramatically. The storyline was still strange, but the final episode ended better then even some of the more "popular" dramas out here in dramaland. It seemed towards the end that everyone except Jin was taking turns quitting or going on "vacation." This week Bunny quit working at the shop and the boss reacted to the news by taking a car ride with her.


The boss brought an end to the Gumiho mystery and even gave Bunny some crazy life changing news!


While Bunny was off learning her family history, Kay was losing focus, messing up peoples nails and acting all dramatic and longing for Bunny by staring at that weird car ornament he gifted her.


Bunny had a father who knew?!


Jisoo was trying to get rid of the doctor but he wasn't having it. What they had at that hospital was real!


Jin was NOT having any of this love triangle mess! Punching and cursing, Jin went off!

t3 6

Meanwhile the main love triangle seemed to have come to an end. Sort of.


In a major plot twist Bunny was now a victim of extreme nail art created this time by Alex.


Six years flew by, and Bunny gave up her puppet boy look and stayed in the nail industry.

t1 9

Oh look, it's both Alex and Kay with Bunny!


Spawn of Nail Shop Paris with her Gumiho eyes.


Final thoughts:

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