Han So Young In episode three of drama Nail Shop Paris, Han So Young cutely demonstrated on how to eat tuna from a can and mayonnaise. In this particular scene, Ji Soo (Han So Young) who lives with Yeo Joo (Park Gyu Ri) is watching TV holding a tuna can in one hand and a bottle of mayonnaise in the other, making a cute pose while enjoying her meal. The actress’s agency said, “The tuna-mayo is heating up online upon airing this scene,” and “We thought hard on many areas that would fit Ji Soo’s pure character. Please support Han So Young’s distinctive charm and acting through drama Nail Shop Paris." Han So Young also recently appeared on variety show Singles 2 and presented various beauty tips and how-to's, along with yoga for a healthy diet, earning the nickname "beautytainer" from fans. What do you think of Han So Young's performance in Nail Shop Paris so far? Tell us! (Source: nate news)