Nail Shop Paris Cast 2 KARA’s Park Gyu Ri transforms into a guy, preparing her first exposure act in nation’s first nail art drama, ‘Nail Shop Paris.’ Scheduled to broadcast on May 3rd at 11pm through MBC QueeN, the first two episodes of ‘Nail Shop Paris’ will consist of main character Yeo Joo (Park Gyu Ri) disguising herself as a guy in order to get hired at a flower boys’ nail salon. There were some scenes that had multiple takes. For example, the scene with Ji Soo (Han So Young) wrapping a band around Yeo Joo's (Park Gyu Ri) chest was retaken several times as Han So Young apologized to Park Gyu Ri for wrapping the band too tightly.  Such instances created a lively atmosphere on set. Furthermore, the relationship between the cast of ‘Nail Shop Paris’ KARA Park Gyu Ri as well as MBLAQ’s Chun Doong, ‘Moon Embracing the Sun’s warrior Song Jae Rim, along with newcomer actor Jun Ji Hoo appear to be focal point. ‘Nail Shop Paris’ will be airing on May 3rd at 11pm on MBC QueeN also on MBC Drama Net the very next day May 4th at 11pm.  Episodes 1 & 2 are scheduled to be broadcast on the first day. Nail Shop Paris   Nail Shop Paris 2     [source: nate news]