nailshopparis3 The official poster for Nail Shop Paris has been released, and is getting lots of attention from fans, with four flower boys glittering up the page with their irresistible looks. DramaFever will be airing the first episode for Nail Shop Paris on May 3rd, and it will be updated every Friday at 11pm. This is the first drama to be set in a nail shop, but the theme is similar to many flower-boy dramas. For those who don't know, we will help you break down the characters who will act as the cherry-on-top to a great production. Alex (Kim Ji Hun) is the first nail artist at Nail Shop Paris. He is handsome, thoughtful, sincere, and an all-around sweet guy. Alex takes on the role of the oldest brother in the shop and deals with belligerent customers and conflict among the workers. He will also be the one playing out the loyal right-hand man of the owner, Mi Ryuh, and he secretly has a crush on her! junjihoo_nailshopparis nailshopparis K (Kang Jong Hyuk) is the second nail artist at Nail Shop Paris. He takes on the role of the tough-guy who prides himself on being macho and uses his cold exterior to hide his developing feelings for Yeo Joo. Because K is more actions than words, he comes in conflict with Alex in many situations. But the two hold a strong friendship regardless. nailshopparis10 Jin is the baby of Nail Shop Paris! He is super outgoing and is full of aegyo. He acts as the energizer bunny in the group and, therefore, is loved by all. But behind the smiles lurks a dark past; he had a rough childhood as he was raised by a shaman mother and without a father. But Jin is known to be the most understanding, most open-minded, and the best listener out of everyone. He befriends Yeo Joo as they are the same age. nailshopparis6 Hong Yeo Joo (Bunny) is an online fantasy writer who is expert at writing about Gumihos. She is stubborn, demanding, and holds her ego high. But being the woman she is, even though she acts cool, smart, and experienced, Yeo Joo is actually completely clueless when it comes to being out in society. nailshopparis8 nailshopparis9 nailshopparis7 If the character descriptions aren't enough to excite you, the teaser certainly will: What parts of Nail Shop Paris are you most excited about? Tell us in the comments below! (Source: Official Nail Shop Paris Twitter)