Not that there has ever been any reason to doubt that Namgoong Min, the serial killer we hated to love in Sensory Couple, could pull off the sexy bad boy part in upcoming drama Remember, but new shirtless stills have surfaced, and it looks like the star is ready to make us feel torn all over again!

Right before filming the scene, Namgoong Min self-deprecatingly told the crew, "I was unable to exercise separately. If I have a scene next time, I will really exercise and prepare before coming." 

However, no one was disappointed once the shirt came off! One male crew member questioned in disbelief, "You were unable to exercise?" which made the rest of the crew laugh. Everyone already knows that Namgoong Min is highly capable at playing sexy villains! 

Remember tells the story of Seo Jin Woo (Yoo Seung Ho), a talented attorney who suffers from hyperthymesia, an autobiographical memory. He uses his memory to his advantage when his father is falsely convicted of a crime and sentenced to death, but suddenly Jin Woo's memory begins to fade with early-onset Alzheimer's. Park Min Young costars as Lee In Ah, Jin Woo's childhood friend. She is an optimistic, quirky law student who isn't sure if the law is a good fit for her until she hears about Jin Woo's father's case. As she stays by his side, her feelings of friendship begin to evolve into more.

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