There's just something about Namgoong Min that makes him the perfect villain. Maybe it's his mysterious smile or the fact that he uses his chocolate abs to lure victims in, but any time Namgoong Min is in a K-drama, even if he plays a bad guy like he does in Sensory Couple or a morally ambiguous man like he does in My Secret Hotel, the ladies can't help but fall for his spell. Namgoong Min has just confirmed that he will take on the role of a villain again in upcoming drama Remember, and he says his character is so bad that he hopes fans don't end up hating him!

When asked about his new role, the actor stated, "I am very happy that I get to greet everybody once again through an amazing production like Remember. Although I play the antagonist once again since Sensory Couple, the villain has a different feeling from that of my previous production, so I viewed it as a new challenge and decided to participate. Even from my point of view, my character is a seriously evil bastard, but I hope that the viewers would just view it as acting and will not hate me too much." 

How could we hate a face like this?

I mean this!

Remember tells the story of Seo Jin Woo, played by Yoo Seung Ho, a talented attorney who suffers from hyperthymesia, an autobiographical memory. He uses his memory to his advantage when his father is falsely convicted of a crime and sentenced to death, but suddenly Jin Woo's memory begins to fade. Park Min Young has been cast as Lee In Ah, Jin Woo's childhood friend, who becomes his love interest. Park Sung Woong previously confirmed his role as a lawyer with a secret past who teams up with Jin Woo.

Remember comes from the writer behind the acclaimed film The Attorney and the director of Birth of a Beauty. It is scheduled to air in December on SBS.

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