Man, do we have an amazing line-up for you! In June of last year, it was announced that Jung Yoon Jun, writer of the hit office drama Incomplete Life, had begun writing a modern-day version of Bride of the Water God, a the Korean fantasy manhwa. With the drama's production finally underway, it leaves the question of who will be headlining this highly anticipated adaptation.

Bride of the Water God revolves around a young woman named So Ah and her complicated marriage to a water god. While suffering through a prolonged drought, the inhabitants of a humble village beg the water god, Ha Baek, for rain. However, the god only promises to grant their wish on one condition--a young woman must be sacrificed to him as his bride. In order to save her village, So Ah volunteers only to find that her future husband is nothing like she expected.

Casting for the drama has officially begun with five roles up for consideration, including the male and female leads. However, nothing has been confirmed as of late.

Originally, Moon Chae Won (Good Doctor) was offered the role of So Ah, but quickly declined due to interest in other projects. Soon after, the position was offered to Shin Se Kyung (Sensory Couple), who is currently reviewing the script. Should she accept the role, she may work alongside Nam Joo Hyuk (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo), who is highly interested in the drama and the role of Ha Baek.

Although nothing is confirmed, Yang Se Jong (Doctor Romantic) and f(x)'s Krystal (My Lovable Girl) may have secondary roles. Yang Se Jong has been offered the role of Hoo Ye, a rival water god who also is enamored with the female protagonist, while Krystal is "positively looking into" the secondary female lead. Should she accept, she will play the role of Mura, an eternally beautiful goddess that is in love with Ha Baek.

Additionally, Gong Myung (Let’s Drink) was also offered a secondary role as Mura's devoted admirer. However, some reports have stated that he has already declined.

Regardless, this is a casting line-up that fans can be excited about. No matter who is cast, Bride of the Water God is sure to be a big hit! Please look out for more news regarding this drama until it's highly anticipated release in May.

What do you think of this casting? Who would you have liked to see in Bride of the Water God? Any thoughts you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments below!


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